Position:  Kids’ Fair Game Station Attendant

This position supports the smooth running of the Kids’ Fair.  Please review the “General Information” document for a full description of expectations for all InCON volunteers.

This individual will report directly to Kim Royer and/or Jack Daley - referred to as the ‘Kids’ Fair Coordinators’ (position: Organizing Committee Member - Kids’ Fair Coordinators)

The Kids’ Fair will be held in the Rotary Hall, downstairs in the Florence Filberg Centre.  It will run from 10am - 1pm each day.  At 1pm the equipment will be moved to the back wall to accommodate new activities in the room.

Job Description:  

The Kids’ Fair Game Station Attendant will be assigned to a game in the Kids’ Fair area, and will be responsible for demonstrating the game to participants.  The Attendant will ensure that children are taking turns at their game station and will monitor lineups and behaviour to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all participants.  At the end of the Kids’ Fair the Attendants must move all Kids’ Fair equipment to the back wall.  Tables and chairs must be moved into the area and set up for the next user group to access.    

Should there be other duties required, this individual will be available to perform these duties to ensure the smooth running of the convention in the NSH.  

Position Requirements:  

Game Station Attendants must enjoy working with children, and be comfortable interacting with them.  They should be physically fit, energetic and outgoing.  Although working at an individual station, the Attendant must be a team player, have excellent communication skills and be able to take direction from a supervisor.  Game Station Attendants may switch stations for variety during their shift.  


This document is a fluid document, being a guideline only.