1) What impact did Sacagawea have on American history?

A. She led Native Americans against white settlers in the Ohio Valley.

B. She tried to unite Native Americans against westward expansion by white settlers.

C. She helped a U.S.expedition explore the Louisiana Territory.

D. She led a slave revolt against white settlers in Louisiana.

2. What were Jefferson's instructions to Lewis and Clark on how to deal with the Native Americans they would encounter?

A. Treat them in afriendly and peaceful manner.

B. Treat them as if they were American citizens.

C. Treat them as enemies.

D. Treat them as slaves.

3. Which leader sold land for money to pay for his wars?

A. Napoleon

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. King George III

D. Tecumseh

4. What problem troubled Jefferson about the purchase of Louisiana?

A. All the new land might cause factory workers to move west.

B. The Constitution did not empower the president to buy land.

C. The Native Americans in the area refused to sign U.S.treaties.

D. France was selling the land for much less than it was worth.

5. Why was Napoleon willing to sell Louisiana to the United States for so little money?

A. Napoleon decided to concentrate on regaining French Canada.

B. Lewis and Clark told Napoleon the land was worthless.

C. Napoleon needed money to fight his wars in Europe

D. Napoleon planned to reclaim Louisiana after the European wars were over.

6. Lewis and Clark mainly traveled on the ___.

A. ColumbiaRiver

B. Mississippi River

C. Missouri River

D. YellowstoneRiver

7.  Approximately how many miles did the explorers travel from St. Louis to Fort Clatsop?

A. 1,000

B. 2,000

C. 4,000

D. 8,000

8.  Native Americans of the ___ tribe helped the Corps of Discovery get through the winter of 1804-1805.

A. Oto

B. Shoshone

C. Blackfoot

D. Mandan

9. What evidence indicates that Americans wanted to expand beyond Louisiana?

A. The expedition went into the Oregon Country.

B. The explorers traveled close to land occupied by the French.

C. The travelers told the Native Americans they met that they would return.

D. All of the above

10. Why might Lewis and Clark have separated for part of the return voyage?

A. They had anargument over how close they were to the Blackfoot.

B. They wanted to explore a wider area.

C. Clark became lost for a time.

D. They ran low on food.