Twentieth Wedding Anniversary



Richard H. Lynam

To my Wife


Married June 8th 1957

On June the eighth of fifty-seven

  We became man and wife,

That rainy day at old North Church,

  We two were joined for life.

You were dressed in the purest white

  And said that great “I do.”

I looked at you and love flowed forth

  For now I did have you.

Driving north on Route 202

  We stopped to spend the night.

Oh, how your face was all aglow,

  Lit by the pale moonlight.

You were shy and so beautiful!

  In white and standing there,

What a wonderful beginning,

  This life we now do share.

The morning came, the sun arose,

  Our hearts aflame with love,

I bowed my head in silent prayer,

  And thanked the Lord above.

“Oh what a Beautiful Morning,”

  A song that filled the room,

It came from a heart rejoicing

  It came from your new groom.

As several months of time rolled by,

  I spoke of God’s dear love;

Then one day you received the Son,

  Salvation from above.

We prayed and praised the Lord our God

  By faith we had seen His face.

And now we’ve walked these many years

  In the fullness of His Grace.

When I was called by God to preach

  You stood there by my side.

And as we’ve traveled coast to coast

  You’ve always kept in stride.

You were given as my help meet

  Both of us together

I could have served Him all alone,

  With you it’s even better.

We’ve shared the blessed things of Christ,

  The preaching of His grace,

And have seen His hand of mercy

  Working in every place.

Yes, hand in hand we’ve traveled on

  For all these twenty years,

Facing all of life together,

  And overcoming fears.

You have blessed me so very much

  And added these beside,

Two boys, a girl, these three of thee,

  So now I stand with pride.

God then blesses us with much more,

  He answered us our prayer,

For all our children are now saved

  And in His tender care.

This poem is to you, my love,

  On this our special day,

For twenty years have passed on by,

  And this is what I say.

For all these years as man and wife,

  And loved by you so much;

But words cannot express those things,

  Such as your tender touch.

Your twinkling eyes-a little sigh,

  A language all its own,

That warm embrace that thrills my soul

  And makes your heart my home.

Our home is filled with your love

  And there is not one room

That as we enter through the door

  Tis ever filled with gloom.

For the sunshine of thy smile

  Lights all that is around

And the happiness that you show,

  Makes all your love abound.

Those extra things you always do

  To make my life so great,

Like all the times you cook for me

  That very special plate.

Thank you for your faithfulness,

  A life so fine and true

That I never need to worry

  Of every losing you.

Called a knight in shining armor,

  You set me up real tall,

I thank you for your view of me

  And pray I will not fall.

My pet name for you is “Honey”

  Because you are so sweet

I praise the Lord the day we met

  You swept me off my feet.

And “Precious” is another name

  That you are called by me,

For all the gold and gems can’t pay

  The value placed on thee.

I am the richest man alive,

  No richer could I be,

To have you as my darling wife

  Is all that I need see.

With God above and you my love,

  I could not ask for more,

If I didn’t have a single cent,

  I still would not be poor.

If given a choice of any one,

  To be my wedded wife,

The choice would still be made by me

  For you to share my life.

I have put my thoughts on paper;

  The things inside my heart,

Some things I have never spoken

  But now I’ve shared in part.

So much more could have been written

  To tell the way I feel,

But I will close this poem, my love

  And show my love is real.