Comments for Juniors Blog from Sensational Senior S


William B -  Hi Juniors, your blog posts lately about the weather have been very interesting, I was surprised in Montreal, Canada was 13 degrees celsius ☃ and has sun!! I have always wondered what the temperature would be like on other parts of the planet!

Alex:  Hi Juniors, I was very interested to see what the results were for the survey. I was really surprised to see the United Kingdom was at 20*C was very high and that they don’t usually get that kind of weather. Thank you so much juniors I learnt a lot.

Riley.G : I learnt that sometimes when we we are reaching for a blanket others in different countries are swimming in the pool.

Jack C: I learnt that China has a top temperature for Asia of 25, and the lowest is 11. For New Zealand their top temp was 9 this year and 22 and it is “unseasonably Warm For May💦🌏 .”   

Daisy - Hi Juniors

I didn’t know the temperature in the United States was 85! Is it 85 in degrees celsius or fahrenheit?

Akuac- in Ireland they have all four seasons in one day. It is hot for summer then spring showers then autumn wind then in winter it is cold. Does that happen in other places?

Jack P:  Hi Juniors,

I am really fascinated about all your weather posts you have been doing but it really stood out to me that Manama was 35 degrees.

Jake L: Hi Juniors, I really liked how you did lots of weather posts. I liked the maps one the most because I like finding out new things about the weather. I do have one question for you though.

Lachie B: Hi Juniors, I like how you wrote a whole bunch of weather related surveys, I like the Google Maps the most. I learnt that in Ireland the top temperature is 16 degrees and 10 degrees is the lowest and it rains a lot. Plus I learn’t that in South Carolina the top is 85 degrees (or fahrenheit) and the lowest is 63 degrees (or fahrenheit), one question though, is it degrees celsius or fahrenheit?


Hi Juniors! I like how talked about the weather. Yeah that day wasn’t so enjoyable! The Seniors and Middle M.Y.’s area was flooded. Did you like that day? I know I didn’t.💖😱

Will H: Hi Juniors! Your Blog is very well informed, and I enjoyed looking at it. I was very interested to learn about the weather in different countries. By the way, what is your favorite type of weather? :-)

Angus :

Dear Juniors, I learnt from your map that Macedonia is not in America and Korea is Sunny, Partly Cloudy. I am surprised that you have no one from Africa. Is this because no one from Africa did the form?

Elisa - Hi Juniors! I think it was a great idea to add a map onto your blog since you are learning about the weather. I think it's really interesting how the weather can change so quickly in different parts of the world. Do you guys like it better when it's cold or hot?

Brandon.C - Hi  Juniors, it was a great idea to show us how different  the weather is all over the world. I wonder in Madagascar if they have computers so they could tell us what how hot or cold it is in Madagascar? Maybe  you could visit my blog?

Ryan: I now realise how all the different countries have different weather. I wonder if countries like Antarctica would have heat waves. I wonder what  Antarctica's lowest temperature is.

Ava - I think it’s very hot in India. Where you live determines whether it will be hot or cold. I think it’s very good that you’re learning about the weather.


Hi Juniors,

It was very interesting viewing your blog posts about the weather⛅. I definitely learnt a lot. Boy, it’s been raining heaps here in Australia, hasn’t it!

Keep up the great work! 😄

Will P.: Hello Juniors, I think it’s awesome that you’re learning about the weather, did you know that ⥺⥺⥺☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃🐍🐍


Hi Juniors,

I think it is cool that you are so focused on the weather and how you got impacts from other countries. It is very interesting that people in England think that under 20 degrees is warm! Do you like warm or cold weather?

Bye from Jasmine (Senior S)

Vivienne- Hi Juniors,Today I saw New Zealand’s  highest temperature and it’s 22 degrees and the lowest is 9 degrees.It says Sunny and partly cloudy in New Zealand and now I know the degrees in New Zealand,that is great that you know the temperatures all around the world.

Thanks from Vivienne


Hi Juniors,Looking at your map I have learnt that all around the world the weather is different. If the towns or country  are close to each other the weather is different.

New Zealand is close to us but ….

Maria -

Hey Juniors, it was great to see what great ideas and questions you have posted on your blog. I just learnt today that the top degree for beijing was 25 only and there lowest is 11. I thought it would have been much hotter .

With your new knowledge do you think your as a class could predict the weather of other countries?  for example  Tonga

Caoimhe-I did not realise that the world’s temperatures are so different like in Korea it is 24 degrees (sunny) and in the United Kingdom it is 15 degrees (cold).

Bridie- Hey Juniors,

I think that it is weird that in some parts of America the weather can be completely different. In one city it can be hot and sunny and the city next to it can be wet and cold. Do you agree with me?

Bridie Senior S

Brandon.P - Hello, Juniors! I have been reading your posts recently and have realised how many different countries have different Temperature levels. This is my blog if you would like to see it.

Jacob - Hi Juniors.  We are getting very wet and windy  weather /Jacob W Senior S