iMovie for the iPad

Before creating an iMovie, it is suggested that you gather any photos, illustrations, and text you would like to use in your iMovie. This will make the movie-making process easier.

For Video/Photos/Images:

Use the camera app on your iPad to take photos or video  for your iMovie. You may edit your photographs afterward if needed.

You may also get photos from the web. A few good resources with Creative Commons Licensed images are:

Flickr (Creative Commons search) | |

Imagebase |

For Text:

In iMovie, you may add text over a photo or video, but you cannot add text with just a blank background. To add text with a blank background, you need to use something such as Keynote (current price $9.99).

To create a text slide in Keynote:

  • Open the Keynote App
  • Tap the '+' in the top left corner
  • Tap 'Create Presentation'
  • Select which Theme to use. I suggest White, Black or Gradient.
  • Create slide with text needed
  • Push 'Play' button in the top right corner
  • Take a Screenshot of the Slide while in 'Play' mode. To Take a Screenshot, press and hold in Power button and Home button on your iPad. Release both simultaneously. Screen will flash and you should hear a camera shutter sound. The screenshot will save to your Camera Roll on the iPad.
  • The image in your Camera Roll will now be available to add to your iMovie.

Creating Your  iMovie on the iPad:



iMovie Home Screen

iMovie Project View

Saving a iMovie