FRC Team 5809

 Business Plan


Executive Summary

Team Mission Statement:

FIRST Team 5809 is dedicated to building the future in our community by educating individuals for the service of others in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Our business plan is focused on our ambition to have a self sustaining STEAM program dedicated to the service of others and the education of well rounded individuals in the Ignatian fashion. We strive to accomplish this goal through the process of building a robot and taking part in FIRST Robotics competitions.

Team Origin:

FIRST Team 5809 was established in the fall of 2015 by Mr. Andrew Wilcox and Mr. Paul Winkler, both of the Science Department at Rockhurst High School. The team consists of 12 students, two coaches and six mentors. Team 5809 won the Rookie All Star Award at their second regional in Queen City, Cincinnati. Then the Jesubots competed at the world championships. They left St. Louis, where the world championship  was held, understanding the competition they face and what it will take to get there again. 

Team Program and Summary

FIRST Robotics Challenge Team 5809 was founded to transform young teens into well rounded individuals through Jesuit education. The issue with Jesuit education, is the lack of complete education in the areas of science and technology which encoumpasses the robotics field. FIRST creates easily accessible innovative programs, which inspire young people to pursue further education in science technology engineering and math.

 Additionally, competing in FIRST competitions strengthens the brotherhood, Rockhurst is well known for. FIRST competition also increase the ability of a Rockhurst High School students to work with people from other teams: people the student are not used to working with, a necessary life skill.

Location of Team and Current Sponsors

FIRST Robotics Challenge Team 5809 currently is located in Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Team 5809’s sponsors are ZAHNER, Nuts and Bolts, Metalabs, and M-Source.

Team Impact/Outreach

Team 5809 helps the local community through camps and demonstrations. These camps and demonstrations increase young people’s interest in STEAM fundamentals, in addition to improving skill in programing and building robots. The team runs camps and teaches campers to build and program with the VEX Cortex and Vex  IQ robots to complete a set of tasks. Additionally, the team offers an underwater robotics camp. The campers take waterproofed LEGO Mindstorm Brains to build and program their own robot with the goal of “Rescuing” a LEGO minifigure from a pool.

Relationships with Current Sponsors

Summary of Team Growth

When team 5809 was founded in the fall of  2015, they had a meager 12 member team. By the end of the season, they had 14. Slowly, Team 5809 is increasing the people they reach and had around 23 members at Cowtown Throwdown in the fall of 2016. They maintain three mentors, two who work in mechanical and electrical engineering fields, one who programs.

As a result of this growth, the Project Manager and his Assistant Project Manager focused on improving the team structure, allowing for more people to be hands on, and less idly sitting around and waiting.

Summary of Future Team Plans

In addition to increasing team size and involvement in community activities throughout the year, Team 5809 plans to continue pursuit in inspiring younger students and girls in the areas of STEAM. The inspiration of girls in STEAM is an extreme challenge, however Team 5809 tries to reach younger girls and boys through their camps, and plan on opening their team up from the All Boys School of Rockhurst High School to include one or more of the all girls schools in the area.

Team Overview

 Team History

In 2014, a desire was expressed to the Rockhurst High School administration to start a robotics program. The candidate chosen to lead the project was a science teacher Mr. Andrew Wilcox. When asked why, his fellow swim coach and science department head responded: “Andy, you are the only one who doesn't call a repairman to his house.” Mr. Wilcox  started a robotics club immediately. Robotics classes started in 2015. After little deliberation, Mr. Wilcox realized his club would get bored easily without a competition to compete. He was directed to the FIRST program. The fall of 2015, Team 5809 was founded by the same Mr. Wilcox and his fellow swim coach and department head, Mr. Paul Winkler. The team assisted setup at Cowtown Throwdown in 2015, cutting setup in half.

     In January of 2016, Team 5809 attended the kickoff at Garmen Industries in Olathe, Kansas, United States. After a rough start, Team 5809 competed at the Kansas City Regional March 10th, 11th, and 12th in 2016. After a tough learning experience, Team 5809’s public relations captain prepared an executive summary, and the head of scouting designed three scouting sheets and an organization system for competition. With a slightly better idea of their tasks, Team 5809 went on to compete in the Queen City Regional in Ohio, United States between  March 30th and April 2nd. At Queen City, the team performed to a higher standard than Kansas City, and achieved everything they set out to achieve their rookie year. Team 5809 didn't actually realize they met all of their rookie goals. A judge pointed out how rare it was, and awarded them the Rookie All Star award for their goals. They were going to the First Robotics Competition  World Championships.

    World Championships was held at St. Louis, Missouri, United States, on April 27-30th. Team 5809 instituted all methods they picked up from previous competitions, and entered with open minds. They left Worlds with many new friends, some international, and a mindset of how hard they have to work to return.

Student Team Members

Team 5809 is based in an all boys school, Rockhurst High School.  With that, we have issues getting diversity. However, Team 5809 accepts the challenge. During their rookie year, 2016, they had a single foreign exchange student from China.

     Age wise, the team is well broken up. They have five 15 year olds, four 14 year olds, seven 16 year olds, and two 17 year olds.


Team 5809 regards the leadership and first aid skills learned through Boy Scouts and other programs highly. Just over half of Team 5809 are Boy Scouts, furthermore, a good portion of them are Eagle Scouts.

Our team breakdown for the member’s area of expertise is as follows:

Programming: 2

Website Design:1


CAD: 8

Mechanical: 5

Public Relations: 3

Additionally many members serve two or more roles on the team. Several team members aid the PR team in applying for awards.

Team Mentors

Team 5809 had 3 mentors when it formed. Two engineers, and a programming mentor. One of the engineers aids the team with 3d modeling and the file sharing system. The other at the beginning of their second year, Team 5809 gained a fourth   mechanical mentor. Our programming mentor and one of the mechanical mentors are both electrical engineers. The other engineer works for the government, and makes chocolate in his free time. Team 5809’s newest mentor is a general handyman who is captain of one of the Kansas City Fire Department Rescue Division Trucks.

Team Benefactors

ZAHNER donated materials to Team 5809, along with using company supplies to aid in the fabrication of one of the parts the team 3d modeled part for the team. Additionally, ZAHNER’s CEO gave a tour of the facilities, giving 5809 great organizational suggestions.


Nuts and Bolts graciously offer parts to Team 5809 at factory price. This may not seem like much, however when the mechanical wants two hundred weld nuts, it is hard to find that many at one place. Furthermore, most hardware stores Team 5809  approached had no more than 10 weld nuts in stock.

Image result for nuts and bolts

Metalabs is technically a subsidy of ZAHNER, however they must be thanked separately; Metalabs aided Team 5809 with programming issues, showing the team several useful programs. Additionally, Team 5809 learned about several properties of metals, which came in handy when 3d modeling for the fabrication of a part ZAHNER aided the team with.


M-Source aided Team 5809 again with costs. M-Source sold the team a large quantity of gussets at factory price.


Team Management

Team Membership

Joining Team 5809 is easy. The project manager and coaches do their best to make the team approachable. Team members often invite classmates and friends into the lab to see if there is any interest. “Join Robotics, meet people from around the world. Play with expensive toys”. The team sees many new faces, however the coach's constant focus on reflection through Ignatian method usually freaks out everyone but those set on joining. Team 5809 does not limit membership by age, year, or skill set. Instead of an interview, Team 5809 puts the new possible member in the team group chat. The constant chatter usually determines who wants to stay, and those who want to leave.

Team Structure

Every member of the lowest tier is in scouting, and several members overlap. Project Manager down are students, every position is self explanatory. It is important to note that the Project Manager is the equivalent of a captain on a sports team, who both leads yet collaborates with his teammates.

Coach Wilcox is our head coach. He focuses on leading through Cura Personalis.

Team 5809’s  mentors focus is on aiding the team without telling them what to do. The mentors like to say: Teach them, lead them, let them, (Laugh at them).

The other coaches (Rockhurst Teachers who coach the team and are not Mr. Wilcox) offer guidance in the same way mentors do. They also ensure the team’s tools work safely and properly.

The Project Manager is the highest position a student can hold. He is in charge of tasking and delegation for the team. He works closely with Coach Wilcox, and the Public Relations, however he organizes the team. He also keeps track of the team’s goals, and takes the necessary steps to complete those goals.

Build team builds the robot.

Modeling 3d models parts for the robot using Autodesk Inventor.

Public Relations is both in charge of team to team relations and building relationships with benefactors.

Programing is in charge of programing the robot. Web design is in charge of designing Team 5809’s website . The adress is

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis refers to the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat assessment to First Robotics Competition Team 5809.

Team Outreach


The Rockhurst Robotics program offers 14 camps. The four during winter break are designed for VEX Cortex and IQ bots. Their winter break camps are offered for 2nd through 7th graders, with varying level of difficulty and two different types of robots. In all winter camps, campers build and (in most cases) program a robot to complete set objective.

The summer camps are bigger and have a bit of leeway. The Rockhurst Robotics program offers ten camps during the summer. Eight of the ten camps are like the winter camps. One major difference is that the camps are able to accommodate 1st through 8th graders during the summer.

The last two camps are the favorite. These camps are focused on underwater robotics. In these camps, campers build and program LEGO NXT robots to find and rescue a lego minifigure from a small pool. At the conclusion of these camps, campers take a ROV- an underwater robot- built by Team 5809 to the Kansas City Zoo.  At the zoo, they mount a camera and launch the robot in the Zoo’s lake, giving each camper a chance to drive the robot around it the lake.


The Jesubots latest community outreach project is focused around the natural history museum at Prairiefire in Kansas. Outreach was originally going to be a single trip to the museum to host a VEX Cortex robot build for first graders through fifth graders. After immediate  success and the realization that fifth graders can not build and program a robot in an hour, the museum invited Team 5809 back to continue helping the kids build robots. What stemmed from the first meeting turned out to be two more planned events, then later three engineers from a local engineering firm were present to aid the kids in robot building. Team 5809 looks forward to co-hosting future events at Prairiefire.

Future Plans

Ad Maiorem De Gloriam- for the greater glory of God. This is one of the main points of Jesuit high schools, and therefore Rockhurst. Team 5809 focuses on the betterment of ourselves not to be better than others, but to be better for others. Therefore, a large portion of our time is spent setting goals, and reflecting.

Team 5809’s Future Long Term Plans

Meet in person with sponsors, businesses, benefactors, and alumni of the Rockhurst community.

These events will include a STEAM night, most likely Rockhurst robotics classes showing off their robots and a local all girls school FTC team.

all of the following are possible recruits, as well as any unspecified:

Team 5809 retains FIRST principles because the principles are covered under the Jesuit teachings. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) believe in well rounded people, teaching both academics and life skills. The  main focus of Jesuit education is to form people into men and women for others.

Short Term Goals


2015-2016 Final Budget Worksheet #5809

Projected Budget


Team registration (Please indicate the events the team attended in 2015-2016)


$ 6,000.00


$ 5,000.00


$ 5,000.00

Parts & Materials

$ 2,000.00


$ 1,000.00


$ 3,000.00

Marketing & fundraising expenses

$ -

Costs Associated with the support of community STEM activities such as FLL

$ -

Team development activity (examples include off-season events or workshops)

$ -

Other (Space rental, shelving and organizations

$ -

Total Budget

$ 22,000.00


Rookie Grant

$ 4,000.00

STEM Grant

Total Revenue

$ 4,000.00

Mentor Support

Ways mentors could aid Team 5809

Mentor Roles

Description of Roles

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Teach Students how to use CAD programs


Teach students how to market the team


Aid Public Relations and Awards, with various writing tasks


Teach students how to wire and organize a wire board


Work with students to program robot for competition

Graphic Design

Work with students to improve team handouts

Public Speaking

Improve students’ public speaking skills, in order to better present to potential benefactors and judges


Work with team to efficiently design a robot and pick a complementary strategy


Teach students how to better build the robot (Not allowed to touch the robot)

Project Management

Work with and teach Project Manager to better manage the team and set goals

Benefactor Benefits

Team 5809 recognizes that some benefactors do not want public recognition or acknowledgment for donating to Team 5809. With that in mind, the Jesubots still desire to acknowledge (with the consent) those people or companies who donate materials to Team 5809.

Each benefactor is recognised in Team 5809’s Business Plan as well as in brochures and handouts Public Relations gives out.  In the brochures, the benefactor is listed next to a Quick Response code either leading to a website of the benefactor’s choice, the homepage of the benefactor(’s) company, or a web page about the benefactor.

Why are We Unique?

Team 5809 is  unique due to its focus competitiveness in combination with spreading the FIRST message and all while focusing on Cura Personalis to form well rounded Men and Women for others.


Team Contact Information


Team Email:

Team Facebook:

Main Contact

Mr. Andy Wilcox

Head of Robotics Department at Rockhurst High School

Team Meeting Information

Rockhurst High School Robotics Lab, 9301 State Line Road, Kansas City, Missouri,United States

Set Meeting Days: Every Tuesday during activity period, every day after school from 1500 to 1630.

Benefactor Information

Cash gifts can be made by check with Rockhurst High School as payee and Jesubots in the menu line. Credit Card gifts can be made by calling the Advancement Office at 816-363-2036 or under the Giving menu at

Donations May be Tax deductible. Please Contact Mr. Sonnenberg if you have any questions.

Gus Sonnenberg

President's Office

Rockhurst High School

9301 State Line Road

Kansas City, MO 64114-3299

816.363.2039 Ext. 336