Minutes for September 30, 2014

Attending: President Evan Gillespie, Vice President Joseph Montoya, Business Manager Devin Hill, Judicial Officer Tyler Story, Off-Campus Representative Hannah Fenn, Freshman Representative Maria Flores, Advisor Taylor Altizer, Advisor Keith Bolte

3:02- Evan calls meeting to order

3:03- Review minutes

3:05- Joseph moves to approve the minutes with grammatical

3:06- Devin gives Business Manager report

3:08- Devin moves to split the Start/End of Year in half and create a $150 budget for Friday Nights

3:08- Joseph proposes to take the money from the General Fund

3:09- Evan proposes to take the money from the Coin Machine budget

3:10- Evan tables the discussion to catch Maria up to speed

3:14- Devin’s motion is tabled for a lack of a second

3:15- Joseph moves that we pull the amount of $150 for the budget for Friday Nights from the General Fund, Maria seconds, motion passes 5-1 with Devin objecting

3:19- Evan brings up appointing Claire Silva as Sophomore Representative, Devin brings up objections

3:23- We decide to hold off on appointments until next week

3:25- Evan brings up meeting schedules

3:29- Joseph moves that we change the general meeting time to 5:00-6:00pm on Tuesdays, Tyler seconds, motion passes unanimously

3:30- Devin brings up photos

3:38- We decide on taking photos Tuesday 8:00-9:00 am

3:39- Evan moves on to WJCR

3:41- Devin brings up his worries with their constitution

3:42- We decide to see both the WJCR and Justice Coalition next week

3:43- Taylor brings up not allowing unrenewed clubs to post around campus

3:45- Joseph brings up an update for laptop loan program

3:50- Tyler moves to adjourn the meeting, Hannah seconds, motion passes unanimously