March 21st Convention Call

We have created a reference for many of the questions our Caucus Coalition members have about attending our 2020 Convention in Lansing for the first time. Please share widely so we can make the day run as smoothly as possible for everyone, and thank you for doing the work of joining the party and showing up!

  • If you have any question about the validity of your membership with the MDP (joining by form or online before Feb 20th) call 517-371-5410 asap or email your info to
  • WHEN?    Saturday, March 21st. Doors at 7 a.m., caucus rooms 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • WHERE? 333 E. Lansing Ave. Lansing, Mi 48933,  Lansing Center
  • PARKING? There is metered street parking, as well as 2 lots under(lots 19 & 20) and 2 lots north(21 & 37) of Lansing Center. Those 4 lots are $10/day max. North Grand Parking(across the river) is $15 daily maximum on Saturday.  South Grand Parking is privately owned- call (517) 708-3800. Map at
  • FOOD? There are 2 concession stands, but opening time is unclear. We advise bringing snacks, drinks, and not expecting the facility to meet any religious or allergy-related dietary needs. There are various delivery options nearby but please research those according to your own needs/preferences. We cannot speak to what the facility staff will allow as far as outside food/drinks. Feel free to inquire directly.
  • Once you arrive at Lansing Center you will join the line to give your name, show your confirmation email, membership ID#, etc in order to be credentialed. Credentialed means you have a badge with your info and a QR code given to you, which will be used for signing candidate petitions, joining/voting in caucus rooms, running for positions, and doing all things related to being an official Party member “delegate”.
  • Once credentialed, proceed to room 203-205, which will be the Caucus Coalition room from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  This room will be shared by Progressive, Anishinaabek, Cannabis, and Environmental Caucuses as well as Young Dems of Mi. IF YOU ARRIVE PAST 9 A.M. YOU WILL MISS AGENDA ITEMS AND VOTES.
  • There will be a 30 min break from 12-12:30, a delegate meeting at 12:30, and then we convene for full party voting. This includes speeches from those seeking nominations before each member votes. No end time is given and it greatly depends on the number of speakers.
  • If you have any ADA needs please notify us at so we can personally see to your accommodations.
  • To verify gender neutral restroom options call Lansing Center at (517) 483-7400.
  • For information on how to join any or all of our caucuses:





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