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• Pir a 4 Rooftop sauna can be boo ed for personal use through the tenant's committee. The sauna is NOT to be used by clubs, teams, societies, student organizations, associations etc. for organizing events. The only accepted way to boo the sauna is by sending an email to astm @pir (More detailed instructions are available at www.pir

• One boo ing consists of a 24 hour period starting from 12:00 on the boo ing day and lasting until 12:00 the following day. The facilities must be cleaned and ready for the next user when the boo ing period ends.

o These rules can also be found on the itchen wall at the premises. Please consult the accompanying cleaning rules for detailed instructions on what you must meticulously clean before you leave.

• In addition to these rules, whilst staying at the premises the general rules of the housing company must also be followed.

o Especially silence starting at 22:00 must be ta en into notice.

• The person under whose name the boo ing is, is also responsible for any and all damage and rule violations caused by visitors

o Inform the tenant’s committee immediately if you see any damage that has

been caused to either the room or to the movable property.

• Brea ing the sauna boo ing-, usage- or cleaning-instructions will lead to a ban on the use of the rooftop sauna.

o An immediate ban will result from causing any physical damage to the

premises or for neglecting the cleaning rules. o The ban will always concern the person responsible for the boo ing, but can

also be extended to concern any visitors. o The ban will come into effect immediately and will stay in effect at least until the following tenant’s committee meeting. If no notable mitigating factors arise, the user will be given a 6 month ban for the first infraction, and a 12 month ban for any following infractions.

• NOTE: If the sauna is unclean, or something is already bro en on your arrival, contact the tenant’s committee immediately (email, sms, phone call) and describe the situation. This way issues caused by previous users will not be wrongly blamed on you.

• A borrowed ey must be returned within 24 hours after the boo ing has expired.

Revision: 19.02.2014

PIRKKA 4 ROOFTOP SAUNA CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: The sauna has a broom cupboard on the right hand side immediately after the front door. The cupboard has a list of contained items. If you notice any shortages in either the cleaning equipment or chemicals, please inform the tenant’s committee of the situation. Do ta e notice that a different cloth must be used to clean the itchen and parlor area surfaces than is used to clean the toilets and floors! The following cleaning procedures must be completed before the expiration of the boo ing:

• Empty the trash bins

• Empty the terrace ashtray

• Wipe the fridge with a moist cloth and leave it empty.

• Wipe the microwave oven with a moist cloth.

• Wash any dishes and finally clean the washbasin with a brush.

• Wipe all the parlor tables (4 pieces) and all the kitchen worktops with a moist cloth.

• Wipe the floors for any trash and crumbs and...

• ... Mop the floor for any drink stains and other dirt.

o Hint: Remember to check that any bottle bags you have carried out

have not left a sticky residue on the floors.

• Sweep the terrace floor clean of any cigarette butts

• Dry the dressing room floor by pushing the water to the floor drains with a squeegee.

• Wash the toilet seats with a toilet brush and wipe the sinks with a moist cloth (NOT with the kitchen cloth!)