Sixth Grade Daily Homework

This document will be updated daily


Monday 10/12: Converting fractions, decimals, & percents

Tuesday 10/13: ALEKS Tues Oct 13 HW; If you have to do a knowledge check, complete the knowledge check and the assignment by Sunday, Oct. 18, 11:59pm

Wednesday 10/14:

Thursday 10/15:

Friday 10/16:

 Math (H)

Monday 10/12: practice page

Tuesday 10/13: Percents Greater Than 100 & Percents Less Than 1 HW Practice

Wednesday 10/14:

Thursday 10/15:

Friday 10/16:

Lang. Arts

ReadWorks due Friday at 11:59 pm

Lang. Arts (H)

Newsela due Friday at 11:59 pm


AOW: The Mystery of the Whistling Building

Reading (H)

AOW: Mapping the West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark (ReadWorks)



  • Complete vocabulary slides for the words energy transformation and Law of Conservation of Energy.  Definitions can be found on pages 120-125.





Social Studies

AHL: reminder that on Tuesday, instead of the outline, you needed to complete the studies weekly week 10  test on the site

M: Vocab Notes: Troy & the Trojan War

Tu: Questions over the Trojan War reading (due on THURSDAY)

W: Geo Games!  Test on NORDIC & WESTERN COUNTRIES (level 1)

Th: Kahoot, Vocab Test, and discussion over questions

F: ELEARNING DAY: Econ Day 4: Short Google Meet, Loom Vocab Video, 5 question mini-quiz over ECON TERMS (you can use your notes on this)


AHL: *reminder that you do the studies weekly test INSTEAD of the outline, but it is for a grade*

AHL: *please read the GOOGLE STREAM every day and please check your email too*

AHL: you will need to complete a short set of questions on GOOGLE FORMS on Tuesday over the reading...


Europe-Countries-Nordic & Western-Level 1 (Oct 21st)

Europe-Countries-Nordic, Western, Southern, and Central (OCT 28th)


Monday: Oct. 19th Classroom  TEST!!!

Tuesday: Oct. 20th GYM  (Pivot Test)

Wednesday: Oct 21st GYM

Thursday: Oct 22nd GYM (Pivot Test

Friday: Oct 23rd- At home learning

TEST ON MONDAY OCT. 19th over Bones, Muscles and Body systems


No homework

All classwork materials are posted in Google Classroom


  • Practice SI #43-49 this week. Use SI Online as a resource.
  • Practice Zombie Stomp
  • Fall Concert next Tuesday, 10/27, @ 6:30pm. Be @ TWMS band room by 6pm, dressed in concert black.


Individual Refine Truss Bridge Design due start of class 10/16

No Homework this weekend.


All choir work for the rest of the semester will be available on Google Classroom.  Our class code is tz7nxl5. If you have any difficulty accessing our class in Google Classroom, send me an email. (  For a clear view of assignment due dates, look at your Google Calendar.


Friday 8/14

        Daily warm up

        Lesson 2 - Using problem solving.

Monday 8/16

        Daily warm up question

        Crash course video: Define a problem

Lesson 3 worksheet in g. classroom. Finish Word search and birthday party problems, fill in grid on page 1.
Tuesday 8/17

Daily warm up question

Finish lesson 3, Rearrange classroom, finish page 1 grid [graded]

Flip grid, there are 2 flip grids today.

Wednesday 8/18

        Daily warm up question

        Newsela- Sully

        Finish flip grids

Thursday 8/20

        Daily warm up

        Lesson 4: What is a computer.

        Lesson 4 worksheet.

        Watch video linked.

        REDO lesson 4 worksheet based on new understanding.

        Flip grid journal.

Friday 8/21

        Daily warm up

        Lesson 5 Input/Output

        Lesson overview video linked

        Login into and open the lesson 5 worksheet - these need to be completed together.

        Flip grid journal submission.

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Weekly stem lesson plans