2015-09-22 Telecon


  1. Demo: Using SmartGit by Ralph
  2. Version 4.5.0 release
  1. Developer meeting at APS

When: November week #2 maximizes possible attendees; week #3 preferred by some but impossible for GS.

Days: Mon-Wed, Tue-Thu or Wed-Fri?

Agenda Items: (order TBD)


Present: RL, AJ, MK, KK, AA, GS, MD

Chair: AJ

Scribe: AJ

Demo: Using SmartGit by Ralph

RL: Eclipse RCP application, navigation between multiple repos. Tool monitors remote repositories in background and shows status, local workspaces and branches. Color indicates local changes and/or remote updates. Great overview of the state of the repository and workspace, easy to see what changed. Cherry-picking is easy, edit the staged commits etc. ...

AA: This is going awfully well for a demo…

RL: Can do everything I want inside this tool.

KK: Like to use the regular Eclipse developer for this, only the github integration is missing (out of the box. There is probably a “mylyn” add-on for this).

MD: This looks like a clone of the git GUI.

RL: This also supports Mercurial and Subversion via the git plugin (the latter needed for ITER). This demo was meant for GW who seems less happy using the command-line.

Version 4.5.0 release

Testing reports for -pre1

AJ: Mentioned GW’s report: tested services oriented things for 4.5 Java, plus the C++ client side of those, but not Java monitor support.

MK: Updated to latest, ran pvClientTestCPP, ran examples and everything worked fine.

Status & deadlines for -rc1 release

AJ: Initial work for MS and DH, hopefully back from vacation soon.

MK; Congratulations to RL and DH for smooth transition last time.

AJ will prepare the release status spreadsheet., then send email

Slip the final 4.5.0 release to 2015-10-08?

MK: Ok with me.

RESOLUTION: Slip final release date to October 8th, assuming no blocking issues arise.

Developer meeting at APS

AJ: Will pick the 2nd week of November to maximize possible attendance. Which days?

MK: Suggested Wed-Fri, but any would be OK.

AJ: Question mainly aimed at international attendees, none of whom are on the call right now. Looking for agenda items, posting the agenda early makes it easier for travel approval.

Other Business

KK: Who is using V4 in production? SNS beam lines stream neutron data. Faster and more reliable than our previous protocol.

AA: MASAR, and I have something in the works, FRIB too. Bruno’s AD Image transfer is being merged into AreaDetector, but not in production yet.

KK: Will check if someone from here can attend.

Meeting ended at xx:45