Sponsor Checklist
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Begin to pray and sacrifice for your candidate now.

Insure candidate is ready and able to physically, mentally, and emotionally participate in an Emmaus Weekend.


Explain the logistics of the weekend.

Obtain a completed application from the candidate. Mail completed applications to:

Texoma Emmaus

PO Box 665

Sherman, TX 75090

Upon acceptance, you and your pilgrim will be notified in writing or e-mail approximately 6 weeks before the Walk.

·         Complete the sponsor’s portion of the application.

·         Mail the application and deposit to the registrar.

·         Bring the pilgrim to the weekend site on time (7:00pm Thursday).


Remember it is important to maintain minimal contact with your candidate during the weekend, especially if the candidate is your wife/husband

·         Gather and bring agape letters (not gifts) to the weekend site.

·         Attend Send-off and Sponsor’s Hour.

·         Attend to the needs of the pilgrim’s family during the weekend.

·         Attend Candlelight.

·         Attend Closing and take the pilgrim home.

·         Bring the pilgrim to the Follow-up.

·         Help the pilgrim get into a reunion group.

·         Encourage the pilgrim to attend Gatherings.

·         Encourage the pilgrim to become a sponsor.

·         Sign up online for the Prayer Vigil


Emmaus is open to Christians of any denomination. Be intentionally inclusive of the different denominations as you extend your invitations to individuals. The love and call of Christ is for everyone!


NOTE: This is a Sponsor’s Kit, not just an application. Please provide only the Emmaus Pilgrim Application and Pilgrim Information and Instruction pages to the candidate.



1.    Sponsorship is probably the most important role you will play in the Emmaus Community!!! Why do you want to be a sponsor? Do you want to build up the body of Christ by inviting people to participate in the Emmaus experience? Your invitation to a candidate is the first step on the Walk to Emmaus. To the candidate you, as the sponsor, are the Emmaus Community and, as such, should walk with the candidate all the way to Emmaus and back.

2.    Who should you invite to participate in the Walk to Emmaus? Emmaus is for active Christians who, through their personal renewal, will bring new energy, commitment, and vision to the church. Potential prospects include:

a.    Church leaders, both Clergy and Laity,

b.    Christians who are the quiet backbone of the church,

c.    Christians who need a rekindling of grace and an opportunity to renew their commitment to our Lord, and,

d.    Christians who are hungry for something more and who want to grow spiritually.

3.    Who should you NOT invite to participate in the Walk to Emmaus? Emmaus is a wonderful experience for many people, but not for all people. As a sponsor you must be aware of and sensitive to the factors that may have a negative effect on the weekend or be divisive to the church. Examples of questionable sponsorship include:

a.    Non-Christians with no relationship with the church or our Lord.

b.    Persons undergoing an emotional crisis.

4.    How do you sponsor a candidate? Day Four: The Pilgrim’s Continued Journey, has an excellent chapter on “The Next Generation: Sponsorship” which elaborates on the following ten steps on how to sponsor a candidate. The steps are:

a.    Pray for the person’s openness to God’s call to discipleship.

b.    Make an appointment with the person or couple to discuss their participation in Emmaus.

c.    Invite them to attend for the sake of a more vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

d.    Ask them to make a commitment by filling out the registration form.

e.    Continue to pray and request agape letters but not gifts.

f.     Support the Walk through your prayer, attendance, and service.

g.    Encourage the pilgrim in his or her 4th Day involvement.

h.    Help the new pilgrim find ways to act out their new commitment and enthusiasm in their home church.

i.      Inform the pilgrim how he or she can serve the Emmaus Community and future walks, and

j.      Help the pilgrim sponsor others.


Sponsorship is an act of love for God, for the candidates, for the Emmaus Community, and for the local church. It is a demonstration of agape love. It is making oneself an instrument of God’s Prevenient grace.

 Pilgrim Information and Instructions


Emmaus Mission: to inspire, challenge and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, places of work, and their communities.


The Walk takes place from 7:00 PM Thursday through 6:00 PM Sunday. Please be sure to allow for this schedule.


Insure your sponsor has explained The Walk to Emmaus weekend experience to you and your spouse before completing an application.


Texoma Emmaus cannot be responsible for lost or stolen valuables (jewelry, money, etc.).  Please do not bring valuables such as pagers, mobile phones or more cash than what is necessary to pay in full for your balance due or purchase a book from the Texoma Emmaus Community book table.


Please enclose a pre-registration deposit (transferable, but non-refundable) of $50. This deposit will be applied toward your contribution of $225 which offsets the expenses of your weekend. Make check payable to: Texoma Emmaus Community.