Year 1 - Term 4 - Newsletter

Dates for this term

Week 1: 15 Oct - NZ Shakeout Day

Week 3: 27 -29 Oct- Inquiry Showcase

                    28 Oct - Kelly Sports

                    30 Oct -Mufti Day - World

                     Cup - bring a bottle

Week  4: 6  Nov - Soccer Clinic

Week 6: 17 Nov - Year 1 Botanic

                   Gardens Trip              

Week 7: 26 Nov - Student Led


               27 Nov - Book Character Day

Week 8: 2 Dec -Grandparents’ Day

Week 9: 10 Dec - Cultural Concert

Week 10: 15 Dec Term ends @ 1pm

Focus for the Term

The Year 1 team will be visiting The Botanic Gardens later in week 6. The focus of the trip is to reinforce our learning about ‘Composting’ which has been our focus this year.

Children will need to have all their activity fee paid before they attend this trip, if you are not sure if you are up to date please check with your child’s teacher.

This is a very busy term. Please keep an eye on school newsletters, facebook and there is a free download app called Skoolbag which you can use, to keep up with events.

Litter Free Lunches

We are an Enviro School and we are working towards being rubbish free. We encourage you, where possible, to send your child’s food in reusable or recyclable containers. We can recycle fruit and food scraps at school by feeding the scraps to the worms in the worm farm or putting them in the compost bins. The children are asked to take their other rubbish home each day.

Uniform Reminders

Please ensure that all uniform items, including sweaters and shoes are named.  If hair is touching the collar it needs to be tied up. (This includes boys with long hair). This also helps reduce the spread of head lice.

School hats are also required this term. we have a ‘No hat - No play’ policy.


Your child will bring home a reader, a library book or a poem book each night. They will also have a written activity to complete. Please support your child to do these tasks and encourage them to read daily. It is only by practice that we can improve. It is also important to read to them frequently, research shows that children who are read to often will become good readers.

Please help your child remember to return their library book to school before their class library day.

Please also send back any school readers that may have accidentally been left at home. These little books are expensive and we would prefer to buy new titles rather than replace old ones.


Research also shows that some children will experience a regression in their reading levels over summer break. You can help your child minimise this by continuing to read to them and by encouraging them to read themselves. Our local libraries have a great source of material suitable for this.  Also simple things like reading road signs and reading around the supermarket will help.  Take the time to read nursery rhymes and sings songs too.  Your child does not need to be able to read all the words in the books they like, they do benefit from being exposed to a range of books.  And of course if the books are too easy to read this builds confidence and fluency and children love to be seen to be good at what they do.  

The National Library has some ideas to help you with Summer Reading.