We are now into the third full week of school and the students are starting to get settled in with all of the rules and procedures.

This week, September 6th-9th, the lessons listed below will be what we are doing in Library.


For just a note, since some of the students have not been Star tested for reading or math yet, I am extending the Chapter book due date to September 14, 2016.

Preschool-1st Grade will be identifying elements of a story, including setting, character, and key events.  We will also be doing simple origami which builds fine-motor skills and provides practice in reading, counting, directionality, identifying shapes and more.

Missouri Learning Standard:


2nd-3rd will be retelling a story’s beginning, middle and end determining the central idea of the story.  This is a hard concept, so we will be spending a few weeks on the concept.

Missouri Learning Standards


2nd Grade--RL.1.A.2.d:  Retelling a story’s beginning, middle, and end and determining their central message, lesson or moral.

3rd Grade--RL.1.A.3.c:  Summarizing a story’s beginning, middle, and determining  their message, lesson , or moral.

4th-8th will be exploring nonfiction mysteries for several weeks, covering all aspects of a story such as character, setting, plot, mood, tone, and dialogue, ending with the students writing their own nonfiction mystery.

Missouri Learning Standard:

4th-8th Grade--W.1.A.3,4,5,6,7,8.a-d:  Follow a writing process to plan a first draft.

Last but not least, all students from 3rd-8th Grade is required to read 3 chapter books per quarter.  They can show that they have read their books by completing either 3 book reports or 3 AR tests, with an 80% score or higher, or a combination of 3 AR tests or book reports for a grade.  NO GRAPHIC NOVELS.  3rd Grades need to be at least 60 pages, 4th Grades 80 pages, and 5th-8th Grades at least 100 pages.

Missouri Learning Standard:

3rd-8th Grade--R.1.D.3,4,5,6,7,8.a,b:  Read independently for multiple purposes over a sustained amount of time by:

  1. Reading text that is developmentally appropriate
  2. Producing evidence of reading