Bottle Rockets

Rockets 2.0 allows students to control and design their bottle rockets in the virtual world. This decreases the amount of time it takes to explore the different variables that affects the trajectory, velocity, and the air time of the rocket. Not only does this program allow students to design their rocket, but also teaches you the principles of rocketry and engages student’s designs in rocket competition. These competitions allows for students to test their designs and compete with their classmates. With each competition, it pushes students to build a better, longer air time rocket, to have the best rocket in the class. IMG_20160609_1104366.jpg

Here is a link to an intro to WhiteBox Learning - Rockets 2.0:

Students can learn more about how bottle rockets work from the following links:

Students can turn their virtual rockets into reality by physically building their own rockets and testing them in the field. Another tool the students will need to know is Onshape. Onshape is a free, cloud-based website where students can design in both 2D and 3D. Their designs can be 3D printed or laser cut to be used on their rockets. Students will be facing many different challenges to make their rockets the most impressive. The advantage of students designing their own parts is that it makes them become a greater problem solver and more creative. The use of this software is to get students used to planning out their design first and making changes on the software rather than physically.


Here are some links to help you use Onshape:

(Note: some of these videos go more into depth than necessary for building rockets)