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NewBee Booklet
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Welcome to the Killer Bees!

Freshman year, or your first year of robotics, can be very hectic. Fortunately, we’re here to help! This booklet will provide key information to learning basic shop rules, team structure, leadership opportunities, and how we do what we do.

The Killer Bees work in Chrysler Technical Center (CTC). Inside CTC, we have our very own shop and CAD room, as well as a shared conference room.

CAD Room

The CAD room is a room immediately outside the conference rooms across from the restrooms. In the CAD room, we store cool awards, competition supplies, enormous quantities of antenna, and food. There are multiple desktop computers that can be used for various things, as well as laptops that can be used for CAD, programming, and website design. The CAD room is the living room of the Killer Bees, so we try to keep it as tidy as possible! However, staying in the CAD room strictly to socialize is not recommended. Many times, people are trying to write submissions, brainstorm ideas, or take a quick break from working in the shop. Push your comfort zone and see what else you can learn.

Conference Room

The conference room is our team rendezvous at the beginning and end of meetings. On the Killer Bees, we use the time at the beginning of meetings to eat a snack, find out what’s been going on with the team from mentors and students, and find out what tasks are on our plate for the day.Mentors usually ask who wants to do certain activities, such as taking apart an old practice bot, cleaning the shop, or writing articles for the website. Every task we do on team 33 is important, so volunteer and see what you can learn! Upperclassmen and mentors usually lead these groups and are very focused on helping our newBees learn, so you won’t be put in a situation where you feel incompetent. At the end of the meeting, we all meet up for what we call “wrap up.” Regardless of what you’re doing, leave it for the last 15 minutes and come back to finish up. At wrap up, we recap what happened at the meeting. During build season, it is especially important to stay up to date on what other build groups are doing. Don’t be afraid to contribute! We love to hear what you learned and did at the meeting.


The shop is usually the scariest area for new team members. You’ll probably see lots of violent-looking machines that you don’t know how to use, but don’t be afraid. The shop is divided into two halves: one with workbenches (Tim’s, Steve’s, and Jim’s) and one with a row of workbenches surrounded by the shop tools. The halves are separated by shelves and closets we use for storing materials. **Important: When you’re on the side of the shop with shop tools, it is mandatory the you wear safety glasses** It may take awhile to get your lay of the land in the shop, but helpful mentors and students are always around.


Mentors are a key part of our team. If they seem scary at first, just remember that these people are here to help you learn- not to terrify you. In fact, they’ll probably strike you as a bit odd, but that’s the way they are. Who else would want to stay after work to each some teenagers how to build a robot? While our mentors teach us things, they’re not our teachers. We all respect each other, but just because they’re adults doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. Their knowledge, organization, and talents always help us on the team, and they’re hilarious as well.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Mentors aren’t the only people who lead our team. Student leadership is an integral part of the Bees.  There are two types of student leadership titles: Presentation Teams and Competition Teams. While these are the only positions, everyone on the Killer Bees is expected to be a leader and act this way. Like Woodie Flowers says, pretend your grandmother is watching!

Presentation Teams

Competition Teams: 

During Build Season, we work in build groups encompassing chassis, end effector(s), programming/electrical, scoring mechanisms, and endgame device. These groups usually have a head mentor and several seasoned upperclassmen to teach rookies.

While the Killer Bees love to learn and our mentors love to teach, there are some topics best introduced in your own personal free time or in the offseason. For example, someone would love to help you understand CAD, but that time is NOT immediately after Kickoff. We offer the following student licenses:

If you are interested in getting started with CAD or programming, ask a mentor to sign out a Killer Bee laptop, which have the necessary programs loaded onto them. Another useful website is, which is a forum for FIRST and OCCRA teams.

Offseason Opportunities:

Offseason opportunities are great ways to keep your skills in shape, transition from year to year, and learn new roles or skills. The Killer Bees typically meet year round every Monday at CTC from 4:30 to 6:30, and all students are welcome! (The offseason is any time period that isn’t January to May, or Build and Comp Season) Current offseason opportunities include:

*Note that all of the asterisked teams complete most of their work in the offseason. If you are interested in contributing to these groups, some form of participation in the offseason is necessary.

Team Spirit:

Part of being a Killer Bee is having a TON of team spirit. Not only does being positive make you more fun to be around, it also contributes to the atmosphere at our team both at Chrysler and at competitions.  We break out the team mascot suit, the face paint, the flags and banners, the cheers, and the whole nine yards. To get our newBees up to speed, we’ve included some of our cheers.

Who are we?


What are we?

Killer Bees!

It’s great- to be- a 33 Killer Bee! (repeat)

Notre Dame Fight Song

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!

Wake up the echoes cheering Her name!

Send a volley’d cheer on high,

Shake down the thunder from the sky!

What though the odds be great or small,

Old Notre Dame will win overall,

While her loyal *SONS* (fist pump)

Go marching onward to victory!

RAH RAH RAH (fist pump each time)

Killer Bees, what is your profession?


We also use a lot of typical NDP/Football cheers at competitions. We get as rowdy as we can be while being graciously professional, and it’s fun that way.

Dress Code/What to Wear

While our mentors may not be teachers, our team does have a dress code for the sake of professionality and safety.

For Meetings:

Remember that we represent our team AND school at Chrysler. Dress appropriately, modestly, and comfortably.

For Competitions/Uniform Events:

Recommended Items to Bring

        For Meetings:

For Competitions:

This booklet is comprised of what older and more experienced Bees think would be useful to know as a freshman and what they think would help newBees adapt better. Keep in mind that this is not a manual or rule booklet- just helpful tips and tricks to navigating as a Killer Bee. In closing, a list of their individual thoughts is below:

And most importantly...