336. Video: Drinking Scottish Whisky at a German Business Meeting While Wearing a Kilt and Playing a ,and Flute… and other stories (with Carrick Cameron)L.: Carrick did you bend from your knees or did you have bend from your back? C.: I could not honestly tell you Luke. L.: You have must have bend from your back. C.: I don’t know maybe in a rush of being in a supermarket and I wanting to get my children out of there and caught them into the car. L.: Yeah. Because that’s what, you know, the specialists always say. They say you have got a band from your knees, don’t bend from your back but of course when in the middle of the situation with kids and stuff, you know, you don’t think to yourself, you know, the kids are running around and making noise, I must bend from my knees. Because you naturally just going to bend from your back, I suppose. How __________ (59.40) a medication? C.: Yes, I’m taking a lot of different painkillers and drugs, but actually they activate my nerves. L.: So you’re on a cocktail of drugs? C.: Cocktail of drugs indeed, yes. Including Co-codamol which is got a lot of Codein and I think call Pregabalin which stops my nerves sending signals to my brain telling my that I’m in pain. And Morphine for when things get really bad.
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