Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association

Wisconsin Electrathon and Supermileage @ Organic Valley Cashton, WI

Tentative Schedule

Event Schedule (times subject to change!)

Organic Valley Cashton Facility, October 1st ,2016

Saturday Oct 1st

12:00 PM         Registration – Cashton Elementary Parking lot Front Street Cashton

12:00--1:45 PM -         Inspections – Must complete inspection before braking and maneuverability can be attempted.  Cashton Elementary Parking lot

12:00--1:30 pm        Braking and Maneuverability Cashton Elementary Parking lot

1:30--1:45 pm        Move ALL vehicles to the Organic Valley Office building Parking lot.  Mandatory team event briefing for ALL participants

1:45 PM        Electrathon volunteers (lap counters and pit timers) meet at start line (mandatory) 

2:00--3:00 pm        Electrathon Heat #1 (no pit stop required) 

3:00 PM        Begin staging/fueling Supermileage vehicles 

3:15 PM--4:45 pm        Supermileage Session (Depending on number of cars this may be shortened)

5:00--6:00 pm        Electrathon Heat #2 (no pit stop required)

6:00--6:30 pm        Clean up         


Only team vehicles and trailers will be allowed to park in the elementary parking lot during the inspection process.

Organic Valley Office Building parking lot is around 2 miles from the elementary parking lot, so you will have to load your cars back into your trailers.

Only team vehicles and trailers will be allowed to park in the Organic Valley Office Building parking lot. This will be considered the Pit area.  All other vehicles must park on Eagle Drive.  Organic Valley warehouse parking lot will be closed.

Google maps still show the Organic Valley complex still under construction but it is not under construction.