T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit Release 2

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 8 - Hot-End

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801 V6 Hot-End Parts needed

The E3D V6 hot end and associated parts are supplied in a separate box. This should contain the following (from top to bottom and left to right):-

  • Bag of V6 hardware
  • 40mm print cooling fan (and cable - not shown, required in Chapter 17 if 8-way wiring loom supplied)
  • 30mm hot end cooling fan
  • Blue clip-on duct for 30mm fan
  • Semitec 104GT2 thermistor made up with leads: VERY FRAGILE!
  • 12V 40W heater cartridge

The picture also shows the printed 40mm fan/hot-end mount supplied in the Printed Parts box and 2 M3 x 14 capscrews which are packed with the other fasteners.

When unpacked, the V6 hardware bag should contain  the following (clockwise from top right):-

  • Black plastic pushfit insert for Bowden tube
  • Aluminium heatsink
  • Stainless steel heatbreak
  • Aluminium heater block
  • 0.4mm brass nozzle
  • 1 x M3x3 socket dome screw and M3 washer for thermistor
  • 1 x M3x10 socket dome screw for heater cartridge
  • 4 x 0.75mm Ferrules - not required
  • 2mm hex key - spare, as a ball-ended one is supplied with Kossel kit.
  • 4 x Plastfast30 3.0 x 16 screws to attach the 30mm fan.

802 V6 Hot-end assembly

Please read this section right through to the end of the NOTES below before starting assembly!

Assembling the V6 is fully documented in detail on the E3D-Online website. Please follow the procedures listed there, taking particular note of the warnings about not damaging the heat-break and the thermistor. The assembled hot end, before fitting the 30mm fan, should match the picture on the right.

You might also like to look at the very helpful video guide by Thomas Sanladerer on Youtube


There are a few small differences between the standard E3D assembly procedure and the procedure for the Mini Kossel kit, as follows:-

  • To provide extra strength we have sleeved the fragile thermistor legs with PTFE tubing rather than the blue glass-fibre sleeving used by E3D, but the thermistor is still very fragile.

  • We have prepared the thermistor and heater cartridge leads to the length required for the Kossel, and fitted crimp pins for the Molex Microfit housing into which they plug. The E3D sections on making up wiring therefore do not apply.

  • Although the PTFE Bowden tube must be inserted into the hot end as described, we find it easier to do this later, after the hot end is fitted to the printer.

  • The 30mm clip-on fan should be attached to the duct with the overhang at the top, as recommended by E3D, but with the cable exiting from the fan on the other side, as shown in the picture on the right.

  • The fan is also fitted to the opposite side of the hot end to that shown in the E3D pictures, as shown on the right. You should cable-tie the cables together as shown to provide strain relief.
  • Remember to fit the black plastic collet into the embedded brass pushfit connector on top of the heatsink! It can be difficult to fit once the hot end has been mounted on the effector

Set the assembled hot end aside and go on to the next section. Final heating and tightening of the nozzle will be carried out later, once the hot end has been fitted to the printer.

803 V6 print cooling fan - parts needed

Printed hot-end/fan mount.

40mm fan fitted with Microfit crimp pins for 10-wire hot-end wiring loom, or  Molex SL-type 2-way housings for a separate yellow-and-black fan cable, as shown in the next picture.

2 M3 x 14 socket capscrews.

Fit the fan to the bracket as shown, with the wires exiting at the top left corner. The holes for the M3 x 14 capscrews have been pre-tapped - be careful not to over-tighten the bolts.

Set the fan assembly aside and go on to Chapter 9.