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Police:  123  
Ambulance: 121      

Medical Help

  1. Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association
    Provides assistance for women in the form of family planning (various FP methods ranging from short to long term), management of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Treatment of opportunistic infections and minor ailments.
    Physical Address: Pope John Paul II Road Opposite Options Building Maseru
    Phone: +266 2232 1670 / +266 2231 0328
    Email: /
  2. Calvary Hope of the Nations
    Provides counseling, provision of supper on a daily basis to victims of violence, and to provide assistance in the form of food and clothing, and economic empowerment.  
    Postal Address: PO Box 185 Teyateyaneng, 200
    Physical Address: Ha Ntjabane, TY
    Phone: +266 2250 0382 / +266 6302 0203
  3. Lesotho Child Counselling Unit (LCCU)
    LCCU is a place of safety, counselling, and psychosocial support of abused children referred by the police. They provide these services for up to 20 sexually abused children while their cases are going through the courts.
    Postal Address: PO Box 7 Mazenod 160 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Located Maseru south main road, near Masianokeng / Roma junction
    Phone: +266 2235 0231 / +266 5878 7555
  4. Lesotho Save the Children
    Works to protect and support the country’s most vulnerable children. Programmes are adapted to reflect the issues children face at different times. In the early years the main focus was on medical and educational support to children with minor to severe physical disabilities and later expanded to visual impairment and orphans.
    Postal Address: PO Box 151 Maseru 100
    Physical Address: Cathedral Area Behind Mabathoana High School Close to St. Bernadette’s Nursery School in Maseru
    Phone: +266 5870 9001 / +266 2232 5775
  5. World Vision International – Lesotho
    Offers medical assistance and crisis counselling for women.
    Address: Private Bag A 256, Maseru, 100, Lesotho
    Phone: 266 31 73 71
    Fax: 266 31 02 55
  6. Lesotho Young Women's Christian Association
    Offers medical assistance, shelter and educational / empowerment programs for women.
    Address: P.O. Box A391, Maseru, 100, Lesotho
    Phone: 266 9 85 02 18
    Fax: 266 9 85 02 18

Legal Help

  1. Federation of Women Lawyers
    Offers legal aid, legal awareness and legal representation for women in order to protect the rights of vulnerable groups affected by HIV, such as orphans, widows, and victims of property grabbing.
    Postal Address: PO Box 0534 Maseru West 105 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Hoohlo Extension House House No. 544, Maseru On road past Tribute Guest House, shared complex with LCN, Maseru
    Phone: +266 22325466
  2. Justice Human Rights
    Provides legal aid and education programs on the law and rights awareness.
    Address: PO Box 402, Maseru, Lesotho
    Phone: +266 2231 1390
  3. Letsema
    Provides legal aid, representation and awareness programs.
    Address: Hoohlo Extension House, House No. 544, Maseru, On road past Tribute Guest House, shared complex with LCN, Maseru
    Phone: +266 2232 5466

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Centre for the Poor and Less Privileged
    Provides shelter and a home-like environment in an attempt to alleviate social and psychological losses in their short lives, skills training which will assist in their development as contributing citizens of Lesotho.
    Postal Address: PO Box 10841 Maseru 100 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Along Mineworkers Road to the left.
    Phone: +266 2233 0878 / +266 6323 2323
  2. Child and Gender Protection Unit (CGPU-LMPS)
    Investigates cases of children in need of care and cases of sexual offence for all people. CGPU also provides services to survivors of gender based violence, places abandoned babies safely, and maintains a database of children’s cases.
    Postal Address: PO Box 13 Maseru 100 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Parliament Rd, Police Headquarters, Maseru
    Phone: +266 2231 2704 / +266 2231 0045
    Email: /
  3. Maseru Children’s Village
    Focus is on child protection, hospice care, education and community based HIV/AIDS support. Temporary home for abused, neglected, orphaned, HIV/AIDS infected and affected and abandoned children.
    Postal Address: PO Box 151 Maseru 100 Lesotho
    Physical Address: No 15 Cathedral Area behind Mabathonana High School Maseru
    Phone: +266 5870 9001 / +266 2232 5775
  4. Lesotho Evangelical Church Women’s Program
    Offers assistance for the holistic empowerment of women. Women are trained in advocacy and women/Human rights. Women are given information to know about human rights, to be strong enough to take affirmative action against violation of human rights.
    Postal Address: PO Box 12 Morija 190 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Pass Morija post office on right hand of Matsieng road branch from Main South One on right side from Mafeteng, then pass church on left, pass museum opposite LEC school secretariat in campus of Lesotho Book centre
    Phone: +266 2236 0001 / +266 5877 4418
  5. Society of Women Against AIDS
    SWAALES is a community-based program focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention, stigma reduction, and OVC care and support. Their work began in Maseru and Leribe districts but has since expanded into Berea well.
    Postal Address: PO Box 4305 Maseru 104
    Physical Address: LANFE Offices Motsamai Street, Stadium Area Maseru
    Phone: +266 2232 5322 / +266 5854 4704 

Education and Empowerment

  1. Lesotho National Council of Women (LNCW)
    Offers skills training promotion and protection of human rights through advocacy on the gender policy as well as international charters on human rights promotion of maternal and child well-being including combating HIV and AIDS.
    Address: Maseru Easta Stadium Area, next to Kentucky on way to Bedco
    Phone: +266 2232-2511/ +266 2232 5482 / +266 5886 4462
  2. Lesotho Young Women’s Christian Association
    Offers support for women in the form of empowerment and educational programs.
    Postal Address: PO Box 4543 Maseru 104 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Lutheran Church Premises next to Itekeng High School, Maseru
    Phone: +266 5877 5557
    Email: / 
  3. World Vision International (WVI)
    Offers protection and assistance for children.
    Postal: Private Bag A256 Maseru 100 Lesotho
    Physical Address: Tonakholo road, opposite Machabeng College in Maseru West.
    Phone: +266 2231 7371 / +266 2231 0255
  4. Motimposo Women’s Movement/Association
    Works for providing women assistance in skills and talent development, and health care.
    Postal Address: PO Box 14251 Maseru 100 Lesotho
    Phone: +266 2700 3306
  5. Women in Business – Lesotho
    Offers educational and empowerment training, and capacity building training for women  
    Address: Private Bag A 197, Maseru, Lesotho
    Phone: 266 32 43 97
  6. Lesotho Women's Institute
    Provides training, capacity-building, educational and economic empowerment programs for women.
    Address: P.O. Box 1340, Maseru, 9266, Lesotho
    Phone: 266 33 70 50 / 32 25 11
    Fax: 266 31 27 68
  7. Lesotho Girls Guide Association        
    Provides educational and training programs, and capacity-building programs for women and girls.
    Address: Pope John II Road, P.O. Box 1487, Maseru, 100, Lesotho
    Phone:        266 9 31 05 50
  8. Boiteko Women's Association
    Offers adult literacy programs, capacity-building and training programs for women who have survived violence.
    Address:P.O. Box 840, Maseru, 100, Lesotho
    Phone: 266 31 04 12