Want to stay a little longer?

We have a really simple process for having people stay longer!

Just a few days more..

You can stay on as a volunteer with all the same benefits and work requirements BUT we only allow this for people that are trying to meet their next appointment / project / flight etc. If not, you must commit to a minimum of a month - sorry, but this keeps it simple for us!

How do I ask?

You MUST contact the Visitor Host by LUNCHTIME on the Monday of your last week. We will check with the whole group at the next community meeting, on Tuesday, and you will have an answer by Wednesday morning meeting at the latest.

A couple more weeks..

You are able to apply to stay for another 4, 6 or 8 weeks after your initial 4 weeks has finished, and carry on as a volunteer. We don’t offer the option of staying longer to anyone without them first completing 4 weeks with us.

It is up to the Resident Group to decide if you can stay longer (current Students and Long-Term Participants) so you need to contact the Visitor Host by lunchtime of your last Monday. That way we can check with everyone at the meeting on the following day.

By staying longer we will expect you to take on a little more responsibility with helping with day-to-day tasks and showing newer volunteers the ropes.

Want to be a Student for 3 months?

Cool! We’d love to have you. Wilderland is always looking for enthusiastic people with initiative who can join us for longer. You will be expected to fulfill all the normal criteria as a volunteer AND take on extra responsibilities.

What responsibilities?

These fluctuate based on the season (and your initiative) but examples are:

  • Leading missions
  • Playing a stronger role in supporting new volunteers
  • Participating in the weekly planning meeting
  • Be enthusiastic - we need self-motivated people who will engage
  • Host workshops

You will also be required to make it clear through your actions that you are working towards being in alignment with the management policies set out by the Resident Group and what is set out in the Trust Deed, which is the reason for why we are all allowed to be here in the first place!

How do I apply?

You must contact the Visitor Host, by lunchtime on Monday of your third week. Then you will be required to apply at the meeting on the following day.

Only Long-Term Participants can vote on you, so we need time to hear what you are thinking and then make a decision (and maybe give you some feedback).

Ok, so what do I get?

  • A challenge.
  • More responsibility!
  • The opportunity to stay in this fantastic place for longer!
  • Access to some additional staple bulk foods
  • Upgraded to one of our fantastic Wilder Palaces!