Prayer Needs:

Holding Hands, Bible, Praying,

Leona Hayden-Tonya Mills’ mother.  She is enduring more tests for her cancer and is going through rigorous treament.  Please keep Leona in your regular prayers.  

Quincy Ogline-  Quincy has severe Ebsteins with severe regurgitation. His tricuspid valve is severely displaced, he has a hole in his upper chambers, which causes blue blood and makes him need oxygen only while sleeping. His right atrium is extremely large, he barely has a right ventricular and his heart is enlarged!  Quincy had open heart surgery and is doing quite well!  God answered a lot of prayers and doctors are hoping the next surgery can wait a couple years.  Continue to pray for him because every day is still a very big challenge.  

Please keep Anna Berman in your prayers. Anna Berman is 16 years old and has several medical issues such as EOE, SUCLA2 (mitochondrial myopathy), Ehlers Danlos, and severe gastroparesis. She has several GI problems that has led to her whole GI system to not work as it should. She is currently being fed 100% on TPN through a central line.