Universal Human Experience : Final EdCafes

Friday, June 14

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Session 1

Erin Donovan- Disappointment is dealt with all over the world, but it is how you deal with it that counts.

Can affect people as well as society - political aspects too - affects dynamics of relationships.

Alex Powers-Self discovery allows individuals to take control of themselves and their future.

How well do you know yourself?

Katie Rogers- When people fulfill their wants that they believe they need or desire, others are impacted negatively if they stand in the way of the other person’s wants.

Everyone has wants and if someone stands in your way, they’re impactful negatively.

Jack Hennessey

An individual’s suffering leads to the decay of their original mental state.

Suffering happens in many forms, but it negatively alters the negative state of the individual.

Sam Humberd-  knowing who you are comes from finding and learning about yourself.

Learning about others can help you learn about yourself.

Session 2

Sierra Howie-

In order to move on with life, you have to overcome the struggles you are faced with.

Fighting struggles helps someone evolve.

Kim Sinclair- Earning someone’s trust is hard to gain, but can often be lost in with a simple mistake

Trust reflects who you are as a person - make or break subject in any relationship

Heidi McGilvray- Discovery is the foundation of life and influences the growth of knowledge, fueling an individual’s power.

If one discovers incorrect knowledge, how does that affect their power?

Lily Perryclear- People who know their identity find homes in their relationships and memories.

Connections with yourself and others is what makes a home - if those connections change, so does the home.

Kaleb Jesse: a struggle with a greater power, no matter what motivation fuels the individual, is a struggle made in vain.

Do you need people to be truly victorious or truly failing? Why do people create their own problems?

Monday, June 17

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Session 1

Robbie - Knowing the good and bad in life is better than knowing the watered down version.

The good and bad of life is the whole truth - the watered down version is only a portion.

Caitlin M- In times of tragedy and devastation, the strength of love is put to the ultimate test.

If you can’t overcome devastation in your relationship, your love wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Ashley C-

Friendships and relationships easily influence the ability for an individual to make safe and smart decisions.

A risky decision can often have you sacrifice yourself for your friends.

Alex Perry- Individuals evolve when they face conflicts that expose them to situations they have never faced.

If people overcome their conflicts, they will change for the better.

Session 2

Miranda Barrett- The individuals of a society lose their values due to their struggle with power.

When structure is lost, members of society struggle against power and lose their values.

Maddie Utz - Authority constantly manipulates people to conform to their ideas.

Authority is a choice, a title, and an ability that people have perfect.

Jill Korkutis

When exhaustion clouds the mind, judgment and decisions are altered negatively.

While exhaustion forces people to make decision ehyy don’t normally, it’s not always for the worst

Matt Vecchi: When a person has power over others, and losses humanity, the happiness of the individual/society as a whole deteriorates.

Power, in almost all cases, corrupts the individual who wields it  

Jess Carberry

When tragedy destroys  a society, relationships are rebuilt

iWhen tragedy harms a society, then flaws are recognized and corrected.

Tuesday, June 18

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Session 1

Alisha Cohen- 

By learning from a mistake it makes a person become more loyal to themselves.

throughout all the mistakes - characters grew stronger and mistakes became lessons

Jacob Gibson - 

All of humanity is a slave to their own desires.


while desires mandate our lives, they also give our lives reason

Bridget Stevenson -

The social norm  of society can impact the struggling of and individual

an individual’s mind is corrupted as they try to overcome the social norm of society

Jocelyn Semer -

Selfish passions destroy humanity.

humanity is fragile toward selfish passion

Ashley Palmer-

By facing misery from grief, one overcomes a loss after an extended period of time.

when dealing with death, you don’t alway face misery but sometimes belief

Session 2

Alan Ward-

Individuals set up their own failure by allowing their curiosity of the future to challenge fate and destiny.

In questioning what you know about your own life, you have the power to determine your own course.

Monica Shields - 

Curiosity often leads one to doing things they shouldn’t do.

Does curiosity always lead to betrayal?

Matt Fernez-

Pain is confrontational, overcoming it is a test of strength.

We have adapted to cope with pain that we create.

hailey gauntt-

curiosity,with its force, brings both horror and blissful knowledge, but the individual determines the outcome

Curiosity is best in moderation and too much knowledge can be a bad thing.

Katelin Gellar-

Home may not be a  physical house, but actually a place where one feels as though they belong.  

Home is where no one judges you and you can be yourself, and you can make your own home.