The next morning,

 Lela took us to the adventurers guild.

 It's because the collecting of magic stones has already been requested by the adventurers guild.

 It seems to be pretty much necessary to go through the adventurers guild.

「I welcome you, Lela-sama. Please come in.

 What kind of business do you have today?」

 The receptionist onee-san greeted us.

「It's about the request of collecting magic stone that I've requested before.」

「I'm sorry but we haven't found suitable adventurers. Please wait a little more.」

「No, I've brought these people because they will be receiving the request.」

「Thank you very much.

 Well then, please present your【Guild Identification】for validation.」

 Aya, Elena and I presented our【Guild Identification】as instructed by the receptionist onee-san,

 Hilda didn't try to present hers.

「You don't have a【Guild Identification】, Hilda?」

「Y-, yes.」

 Hilda had not been registered as an adventurer, huh.

「Excuse me, could you register this child while you're at it?」

「I'm very sorry but this child seems to be a slave......」


 Does it mean that a slave can't register in the guild?」


 It can't be helped if it's the rules.

 After a while, the receptionist onee-san came back apologetically.

「I'm very sorry, since your adventurer's guild rank is『D』, you can't take on this job.」

「N?  Is there a problem if Seiji's guild rank is『D』?」

「If your rank is『D』, you will not be permitted to enter the tower of sunrise. You must at least be『C』rank.」

「It's fine if it's Seiji, I can vouch for him.」

「I'm sorry but it's the rule.」

 Hm, we've got a problem. If it's like this I would've raised our ranks seriously.

 If I remember correctly, our ranks should rise if we turn in orc tusks―

 I forgot, I sold them as meats without taking the tusks.~

 Though it's a long-awaited dungeon, I hate not being able to get in.

 I have to do something!

 Let's try to consult with the receptionist onee-san.

「How can I raise my rank quickly?」

「Even if you say quick,

 in order to rise into C rank, you need to accumulate 300 guild points.

 If there's a subjugation proof of a strong monster, I think that it may earn you a lot of points in its own way but......」

「Ah, if that's the case, I have a『Goblin Prince』here.

 How about it? 『Goblin Prince』.

 How many guild points will I get?」


「I think that the Goblin Prince is a strong monster in its own way, is the guild points insufficient?」

「Is that so!?

 If you say it to that extent, please turn in the subjugation proof!!」

 Hm? What are you getting angry about?

「Uh, where should I turn it in?」

「Here, right now!!」

「Well then, I'll take it out......」

 If I'm not mistaken, the Prince at the time of Scab village was put inside the inventory in its entirety,

 while only the『freshly severed head』of the prince at the time of Suga town was put inside.

 It would be unwise to take out the whole one, wouldn't it?

 Then, for the time being, the『freshly severed head』one―

 I took the freshly severed head of the prince out from the inventory and gave it to the receptionist onee-san―


 The receptionist onee-san collapsed on her back with a scream

 and got crushed under the freshly severed head of about dozen kg of weight.


 It was a very stereotypical development but we had come to the guild leader's room.

「Lela-sama, I apologize for the inconvenience our staff caused you this time.」

 A seemingly timid, short ossan humbly apologized to Lela.

 This ossan seems to be the guild leader somehow or another.

「So, how did the matter of Seiji's rank turn out?」

「Y-, Yes,

 It was made『B rank』specially as an apology for this time. I'm kindly asking for your forgiveness.」

「It seems to be『B rank』, Seiji. It was good.」

 Lela seemed to be delighted but―

 I wasn't.

「Guild leader-san, I would like to ask you one thing, would that be okay?」

「What is it?」

「Is the guild rank something that can be freely raised at the guild leader's own discretion?」

「Uh, there's no such thing normally but,

 this time is special.」

「Normally, a certain number of guild points has to be accumulated when raising the guild rank,

 what has happened this time?」

「This time is special......」

「In other words, guild leader-san.

 In order to sell a favor to Lela,

 does it mean that the guild leader himself will personally conduct a『Fraud』?」

「S-, Such a thing!」

「Then, I don't accept that『special』, thank you.」

「What is it that you don't like, Seiji?

 Isn't it good that your rank has been raised?」

「Even if my rank rises by『fraud』, I'm not happy.

 The rule must be followed by everyone,

 a top organization breaking its own rules can't be trusted.」

「I-, Is that so, if Seiji hates that『special』then it's not alright.

 You understand, guild leader.」

「Y-, yes.」


 In the end, I turned in the Goblin princes at the time of Scab village and Suga town which were inside the inventory,

 receiving 10, 000 Aurum reward for each, totaled 20, 000 Aurum.

 The guild points were 1, 000  points for each monster, totaled 2, 000 points.

 Since there were three people who subjugated the one in Scab village, each person got 333 points.

 And since it was only me who subjugated the one in Suga town, only me received 1, 000 points.

 All three of us will become C rank with 300 points,

 but I had 1, 000 points more and the points had been accumulated up to B rank.

 However, to become a B rank, there seems to be a『Battle test』and I will rank up after passing it.

 『Battle test』, huh. It seems to be troublesome.

 I wonder if I should've received that『Special』contentedly.~