Tupelo, MS 10-14 May 2017

We are in Tupelo, Mississippi, Campground at Barnes Crossing where we arrived in the late afternoon on Wednesday, 10 May, 2017.

It is a nice campground, the streets are all paved and the sites are covered with stones, no concrete pads, but still nice.  Some sites have more trees than other sites but then it may be a toss up if you get satellite or not.

The site was long enough to pull the coach in and park the truck directly behind us,nose in first. The sites aren’t very wide but they are fine for our needs. Nothing to do in the campground, but we are ok with that too.

Tupelo, Mississippi, I really like what I have seen so far.  The city is very clean, the people are very friendly.  There are tons of restaurants, stores and a Mall very close by.  The water is good, not to hard or soft and it taste good.Fried Black-eyed Peas at Blue Canoe in Tupelo, MS

We ate at the Blue Canoe Restaurant/Bar shortly after we got everything setup. We split a Smash Burger, which was okay, The bread was great and all the fixing were too.  The burger was a little well done for me.  The fries were pretty good.  We then tried their “Fried Black Eyed Peas”  Lightly fried and tossed with Old Bay.  I didn’t think I liked Black Eyed Peas, but OMG they were fantastic!!  They came in a mason jar filled to the brim with a sweet tomato chow-chow, something that was to die for and boy did it compliment the Black Eyed Peas.  The bartender also gave us a house sauce that was also excellent to go with the peas.  The bartender was very good and friendly.  The customers sitting at the bar were also friendly and talkative.  I loved it.  They often have live music at the Blue Canoe, but not while we visited..

Thursday 11 May, after a trip to have my haircut at Shear Envy, a place Tim found for me on Google. Finding a trusted stylist while traveling isn’t easy but so far, utilizing Google recommendations I have not been disappointed.  While there my stylist Amber recommended a few local favorites for supper, so we decided to try one of her recommendations and eat at the Neon Pig Cafe.   Again, we were NOT disappointed. It was different, it was a meat market and a restaurant.  You pick up your drinks from the coolers, seat yourself.  Behind the bar was the cook who cooked everything right there in front of you. The presentation of the food was beautiful, and it was extremely tasty.  We had the Butcher Board for a starter. It was a collection ofNeon Pig Cafe - Butcher Board cured meats and  awesome pickled vegetables. We also picked up a couple containers of pickles and peppers as well as a  pound of fresh Royal Red Shrimp. We’d recently learned of this specific type of shrimp from some new friends we’d met at Tyndall AFB. Mike & Pat from Pittsburgh had suggested we try them when we were in an area that had them, we first tried them when we visited Biloxi at the Hard Rock Casino, where they were served as a speciality and priced above the normal gulf shrimp. Royal Reds $9.99 a pound.  So we were a bit surprised to find them in Tupelo, and priced below the gulf shrimp price. We learned on our shrimp boat ride that Royal Red shrimp are only found along a small stretch of the Alabama & Mississippi gulf coastline, further out to sea and they have a distinct flavor, more like lobster than shrimp. We steamed them with Old Bay and served them with melted butter. Very good.

 I would go back to the Neon Pig!!!

Stephanie’s rating of Tupelo MS

Cleanliness- 10

Homes - Seem very nice and attractive

Water quality- Excellent for bathing and drinking

Friendliness- Very

Restaurants - Many, all kinds

Stores- Many, all kinds

Malls- Yes, close by

Gas stations- Many

Could I live here?  Yes

My hair stylist Amber, stated this is a great place to raise your family.  She moved here from a northern mid state when she was 8 and said she loves it here.