Explain Everything screencast, iPad to YouTube workflow

Creating a screencast of comments on student work allows the teacher to convey a lot of ideas, and it creates a dynamic experience for the student. It’s a bit like a tutoring session, but the student can listen again as needed.

The downside is that it takes a long time for the student to review the feedback, and comparing a first to a second draft for a teacher can be cumbersome and time-consuming. There is also a significant learning curve in terms of the commenting process and in terms of getting the screencast to the student.

Workflow I used:

  1. Students share essays with me as Google Docs
  2. I convert Doc to a PDF in my Google Drive
  3. I download PDF to Explain Everything on my iPad
  4. I read a paragraph of the essay, do some marking-up, then record screencast with voice + additional mark-ups. Pause, repeat.
  5. I connect my iPad to my MacBook Air
  6. I drag the EE file to my desktop
  7. I drag the EE file from my desktop to the EE Compressor ($14.99)
  8. EE Compressor works away while I grade another essay or make more coffee
  9. Upload resulting xpl file to YouTube, make it "unlisted," email YouTube link to student