North Carolina Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges




March 9-10, 2017

Durham, NC

The following guidelines governing the exhibits established by the Executive Board of the North Carolina Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (NCMATYC) are part of the application for exhibit space and they together constitute a contract between the EXHIBITOR and NCMATYC.

The purpose of the NCMATYC exhibits is to promote the advancement of mathematics education. The exhibits are intended to complement and enhance the NCMATYC Annual Conference.

NCMATYC reserves the right to prohibit any exhibit, part thereof, or proposed exhibit that, in its opinion, is not suitable or in keeping with intentions and/or purposes of the organization. NCMATYC retains the right to restrict exhibits that may be objectionable due to noise, booth operation, printed materials, or any other reason and also to prohibit or evict any EXHIBITOR that, in the opinion of NCMATYC may detract from the general intent and purpose of the exhibit area as a whole. This reserved right includes persons, things, conduct, printed material, or anything else that NCMATYC determines is objectionable.  In the event that such restriction or eviction occurs, NCMATYC is not liable for any refunds or other EXHIBITOR expenses or damages of any nature.


The cost of each booth includes an eight foot table, two chairs, and one commercial presentation. The cost does not include drayage, custom brokerage, placement or storage of display-related equipment, additional tables, additional chairs, decoration or carpeting of any type, or labor (i.e., carpenters, electricians, drapery men, guard service).  Exhibitor materials displayed in booths should be arranged in a way so that sight lines of adjacent exhibits are not obstructed. All exhibitors are expected to be professional and courteous to other exhibitors and NCMATYC attendees by only conducting sells or demonstrations within their contracted exhibit space. Sells and demonstrations must not encroach on the activities of nearby exhibitors.


No security will be furnished by NCMATYC to be on duty in the Exhibit Area.  The safekeeping of the EXHIBITOR’S property shall remain the sole responsibility of the EXHIBITOR.


NCMATYC does not maintain insurance covering EXHIBITOR’S property or employees.  It is the sole responsibility of the EXHIBITOR to obtain public liability insurance, business interruption insurance, property damage insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance covering and protecting EXHIBITOR against all such losses as referenced in these Guidelines. NCMATYC shall not be liable for damage or injury occasioned by the sole negligence of Durham Technical Community College.

EXHIBITOR DATES AND HOURS - Set-up booths for opening on March 8, 2017. The times below are tentative. You will be notified of any adjustments made in these exhibit open hours.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Thursday, March 9, 2017

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday, March 10, 2017

9:45 AM - 12:30 PM


Your exhibitor registration includes a complimentary commercial presentation. Your commercial presentation title, description, speaker, and your company name should be completed online at: 


NCMATYC agrees to refund 90% of the booth fee for only one booth per exhibitor if a notice of cancellation is received in writing prior to four (4) months before the opening date.  If a notice of cancellation is received in writing between four (4) months prior to the opening date and one (1) month before opening date, then NCMATYC agrees to refund 50% of the booth fee for only one booth per exhibitor.  If a notice of cancellation is received within one (1) month prior to the opening date, then no refund will be given.


In the event of the NCMATYC conference being canceled due to fire, strikes, governmental regulations, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of NCMATYC, NCMATYC shall not be held liable to EXHIBITOR for failure to hold its conference as scheduled, and NCMATYC shall, in its sole discretion, determine the amount of fees to be refunded to EXHIBITOR, if any.


NCMATYC reserves the right to change an EXHIBITOR’S assigned location at any time at its sole discretion if deemed in the best interest of the exhibit.  Before exercising its discretion, NCMATYC will consult with EXHIBITOR.


Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the terms and conditions contained herein shall be subject to the sole discretion of  NCMATYC. NCMATYC may, in its sole discretion, make reasonable changes, amendments, or additions to these terms and conditions. Any such changes, amendments, or additions shall be binding on all EXHIBITORS equally with other terms and conditions contained herein.


Exhibitor must operate and maintain exhibits so that no injury will result to any persons or property. Exhibitor undertakes and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NCMATYC, Durham Technical Community College and their respective owners, managers, officers or directors, agents and representatives from any and all claims for damages, suits, etc., by any person by reason of negligence of the Exhibitor, its agents, representatives, or employees.

Exhibitor agrees to release and to indemnify and hold harmless NCMATYC and Durham Technical Community College from any and all claims for damages, suits, etc. for injuries to themselves or their employees and for damages to property in their custody, owned or controlled by them, which claims for damages may be incidental to, grow out of, or be connected with their use or occupation of space contracted; however, nothing herein shall release NCMATYC from liability for claims, damages, suits, etc. that are the result of the negligence of NCMATYC.

Exhibitor must surrender spaces occupied by him in the same condition as it was at the commencement of occupation. The Exhibitor shall assume all responsibility for damage to the exhibit area and shall indemnify and hold harmless the exhibit facility, NCMATYC, and their representatives for all liability which might ensue from any cause whatsoever arising out of the Exhibitor’s participation in the exhibit program or in the conference activities.

NCMATYC will not be liable in any instance for any unforeseen expenses incurred by Exhibitor due to the terms of the lease that NCMATYC has with the exhibit facility.