St. Paul’s Sunday Mass Announcements

Last updated 3/18/17

“What’s Next?” Night

To all our upperclassmen out there: still looking for your next step after graduation?
This Wednesday at 7:30pm @Luther Memorial, we invite you to come and visit with faith centered organizations and be inspired for where God may be leading you, whether it be teaching, volunteering, or mission work. Various local and national organizations will be represented to share and answer all your questions

(After 9pm ONLY) Catholic Crunch after Mass

Enjoy milk and cereal after Mass downstairs in the Great Room.


Grad/YP Retreat

10:30am: Kellie Raddell

6pm: Rosi Santiago or Anthony

9pm: Rosi Santiago

***If no one shows up, please announce:

To all graduate students and young professionals, the Spring retreat is coming up! Take time this Lent to come away and draw towards Christ. Join us April 7-9 as we head to a beautiful old monastery in Marathon, WI for talks, prayer, and prepare for the beauty of Holy Week. Register at under the events tab