Want to Advertise on Top100Arena?

Who we are?

Top100Arena is one of the fastest growing gaming top-lists. We get around 120,000 pageviews per day and deliver almost 400,000 hits out a month.

What we are offering is high quality advertising, fast responses to queries, and the promise that we will work very hard to make your site successful. If you contact us now, we will most likely get back to your within hours, unless we are sleeping.

We are dedicated to offering you a solution that works for you. We are very flexible about advertising, but we do have some possibilities explained below.

Getting started?

If you are just getting started with advertising for your site, the best way to try us out is through our Gold Membership. For our newer categories, a Gold Membership would be enough to move your site to the top of the list and start enjoying more traffic immediately.

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Want to run (CPM) banner ads? Use BuySellAds (BSA)

BuySellAds is an ad marketplace for high-quality websites like Top100Arena. Advertisers using BSA will have access to detailed statistics on ad impressions, clicks and availability. Click on  in the top navigation bar to find out more.

Want to run a clicked-based (CPC) campaign?

If you are looking for some serious targeted traffic, we offer a powerful CPC banner system, which displays both Banner (468x60px) and Medium Rectangle (300x250px) ads. You just set a maximum CPC bid for your ad and the system will take care of the rest. The best thing about our CPC system is that you only pay when your ad is clicked!

To get more information on how to use our CPC banner system, please review the instructions below. If you need more help, click on  in the top navigation bar!

Q1: Where are the ads displayed?

Ad Name

Listing 468x60

Voting page 300x250

Ad Location

Above #1 listing in selected category

Right of voting page CAPTCHA in selected category

Max Ad Spots

Up to 5

(Display frequency based on max CPC bid)

Only 1

(Display frequency based on max CPC bid)


Reference Link

http://www.top100arena.com/wow-private-server/ (open new tab to view)

http://www.top100arena.com/in.asp?id=79658 (open new tab to view)

Q2: What are the most popular categories?

        Top 10 Categories by Visits


Source: Google Analytics, Sept 2013

Q3: How often will my ad be displayed?

There are multiple advertisers bidding on our CPC system at the same time, so your CPC rate will need to be competitive in order to have your ad displayed.

How frequently your ad will be displayed and clicked depends on your CPC, CTR, banner design and time. After setting a competitive CPC, the system will take about one (1) day to figure out the optimal frequency to show your ad with the highest possible clicks. If you ad is displayed but not clicked, then you need to update your banner to something more compelling.

Q4: How to setup an ad?

  1. Register for an account using your email or Facebook account


  1. Click on Manage Ads in the control panel to access our ad management system

  1. Click on Create Advert to setup an ad banner

  1. Select a category from the Game Category dropdown, pick a desired ad Format (Listing 468x60 or Voting page 300x250) and fill in the other fields.

  1. Click Submit when all the fields are filled in.

        Listing 468x60                                Voting page 300x250


  1. Click on Your Adverts to review your ad banner

Your ad will not run until you fund your account with a deposit via Paypal!

  1. Fund your account by clicking on Deposit Money. The minimum deposit amount is $250 USD.

  1. Click Secure payment via Paypal and you will be taken to Paypal to complete your deposit

  1. After you submit payment successfully on Paypal, you will be returned to the site, where you can confirm your balance by accessing the ad management system

  1. Your ad should start running immediately. You can check it by going to the category you selected and see that your ad is displayed.

                Listing 468x60                                Voting page 300x250


  1. Click your ad on the Your Adverts page to manage your ad and see performance statistics

  1. Update Description and PPC under Manage Advert to make changes and click Update to save changes

  1. Review your ad stats on the Manage Advert page. For popular categories, it might take a day for the system to calculate your ad display frequency based on your CPC and CTR.

To get more information on how to use our CPC banner system, click on  in the top navigation bar!