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The writing and translation of the Helper app description, articles, and a press release


Helper is an app in which every user can turn to experienced, skilled people for advice, and every consultant can help others and make a profit doing so. It is a special network of partners in which experts can provide consulting to users on everyday and professional matters: cooking, style, repairs, education, and much more. As a result, the user receives swift, personalized assistance, and the consultant receives payment for his services.

Helper's creator, Helper Advisors, turned to Alconost for a description of the application, articles, and a press release in Russian, English, and Brazilian Portuguese.

In order to properly describe the app in detail the copywriter and translators worked in close cooperation with the client. The client wanted to describe the product to future users as simply and clearly as possible, so the texts emphasized the kinds of situations in which Helper would be useful.

The developer felt that the primary users of the app would be homemakers, who often have to turn to various experts to accomplish dozens of everyday tasks. It was also necessary to attract potential consultants who would be able to help users. At Alconost several articles were written for each target audience, as well as a press release for the media. The texts were compiled by a professional copywriter and translated by native speakers.

We hope that Helper, which we have tried to tell the world about, will help many users save time looking for experts, and help experts in their fields to earn appropriate compensation for their work.

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