Learning Intention:  We are learning to identify how non-fiction texts are organised            

Success criteria: 

 I can identify features of non-fiction texts

I can describe the purpose of the features of non-fiction texts

  1. What is a non-fiction text?

It is a text that is real/

2. Choose the non-fiction text feature from the wordbank below and match it to the picture.   Explain what that feature is or does.

index                                contents page                              photograph

facts                                title                                             subheading


This is a title.

What is it for? You know which page it is on.


This is a contents pages.

What is it for? To find pages.                                      


This is a subheading.

What is it for? Small titles of non fiction text that tells you what real information


These are facts.

What are they for? To tell you what the thing is.


This is a photograph


This is a index  page

What is it for ? to tell you where pages  are

All images taken from Goats  by Beverley Randell and Clive Harper, published by Nelson Price Milburn Ltd, Petone, NZ in 1997