Scoutbook Basics For Parents


To assist Scouts, parents, and leaders in keeping track of rank advancements, and other awards, as well as to allow for better communications, Pack 1910 has subscribed to BSA’s electronic management system known as Scoutbook. Scoutbook is a web application that makes it easier for our Den Leaders and Committee members to manage advancement as well as track attendance and communicate with Pack families. The benefit is that you, a parent or guardian of a scout, can also mark off and review advancement records for your Scout. Scoutbook is mobile device friendly and provides a visual reference for you to see how your Scout is progressing throughout the year. Scoutbook is free for parents to track their Scout. Our Pack has purchased the Pack Plan to make the leadership’s jobs easier. You will not need to purchase a Family plan to track your scouts, this is covered under our Pack Plan.



When you receive a Scoutbook invitation from Pack 1910’s leaders, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Scoutbook account created for you via your email invitation. It’s important that you sign-in using the Login and Password listed in that email. Please DO NOT create a new Scoutbook account on your own.
  2. Update your info by selecting “My Dashboard”, then update your “My Account” info: Update all the fields you can. Choose a new password, “Edit Profile”, choose a User Name, ensure your phone numbers are correct (especially your mobile phone). If you see a BSA Member Number please don’t alter it. These are used to keep track of training info, etc. at the national level. After your “Edit Profile” changes are complete, update/verify your other “My Account” info too, especially the “My Connections” with your son.
  3. Update your son’s info by selecting his profile from “My Account” > “My Connections”: His den number should be listed along with the rank he’ll work on next. All dens automatically move up to the next rank each year after bridging. Select “Edit Profile” and correct your son’s birthday, etc. Again, please don’t alter the BSA Member Number.


Scoutbook has become a “one-stop” tool for almost everything having to do with Pack 1910’s Cub Scouts. Here are some of its current features:



To help familiarize you with some the features within Scoutbook and how to setup your account, below are links to several short YouTube videos related to core functions of Scoutbook.  (Note that some of the awards & requirements they mention are out of date, but it still works just the same.)

In addition to the above videos, Scoutbook itself has countless blog and forum entries to help guide you through different features of Scoutbook.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your son’s den leader or Cubmaster for any questions you may have concerning the use of Scoutbook