Dear Parents:

We’re so glad you and your child have come for these sessions to prepare for participating in the Lord’s Supper.  We hope you’ve had and will continue to have good discussions about these matters at home.  Preparing materials and teaching your children has been a privilege for us.

In these sessions, we present the sacraments as gifts from God which use the ordinary elements of water, juice and bread as reminders of His love to us.  Baptism is our church family’s way of welcoming new members while Communion is the meal we share to recognize our ongoing dependence on him and on each other.  It is to be a table that unites, not divides. For this reason, along with the rest of us, children are invited, not because of their good behaviour, mastery of church teachings, or maturity, but simply because God invites them.

The date of our next communion has not been set yet. But when it happens, we hope your child(ren) will join the rest of the family at the table!  If your child will be participating, please place his/her faith statement in Tom’s church mailbox by __________. The statements will be printed a special insert of the ________ bulletin.  The pastor will introduce the Supper in a “kid-friendly” way as well as acknowledge simply the presence of these children at the table.  As part of the special welcome your children will receive, we will project a picture collage of all the participants using the pictures we take today.

Some suggestions as you prepare for this first celebration as well as future ones:

1.  Talk about communion during the week before the service.  Stories about Jesus and food are plentiful and make good family devotions in the week preceding communion.

2. Regularly ask your child what communion is about and use this time to discern his/her growing understanding or new questions about it.

3. Consider personalizing the receiving of the elements by quietly saying to your child, “God loves you, (child’s name)” or some other simple phrase.  

4. Stay in touch with your elder or pastor if you have any concerns or questions or joys about this process. You may hear from your elder who may also wish to welcome your child to the table.

5. Have them ask special people to join them for communion if appropriate.

Yours in Christ,

Benj                           Tom