CurateND Relate A Work

Similar to the creation of CurateND Collections and CurateND tags/topics, your items in CurateND can be directly associated with other items by “relating” them.  

  1. You are only able to relate your items to other items. Consequently, the first thing you will need to do is log into CurateND. Select the login_button_yellow.pngbutton in the upper right region of the masthead.  You will be redirected to Central Authentication Services (CAS). Enter your NetId and password and select the login button.


After authentication, you will be directed back to the CurateND home page.

  1. Identify the titles of things you want to relate to your own work. These might be things you have contributed or they might be things contributed by others. Search and browse CurateND to identify these titles. Note them for future reference.

  1. Use the View options located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to find the item of yours you want to relate.View options
  2. Click on the title of your item and the result will be the item’s complete description. For example, here is an item named “MyLibrary: A Digital Library Framework and Toolkit”:


After clicking on the item’s title, the complete description appears. Here is a screenshot of the very bottom of the description page. Notice the Related Works section:


  1. In the Related Works field, begin by typing the titles of the items you identified in Step #2. As you type CurateND will auto-populate the field, and when the related item you desire appears select it and click related works button.png

  1. Done, and now, when anybody views your particular item, the description page will include a link to one or more related worksRelated Words Done.png