ECHS Error Analysis Format

*this is to be done on separate paper and staple to test*



For each missed question:

1)  Rewrite the question.

2)  Correct the question.

3) Using complete sentences, explain in your own words what you now understand about the process of the problem that you did not understand when you took the assessment.

What is your plan to do better?

What day do you plan to retest? 


First Last Name

Mini Assessment#1 Unit 1

I missed questions 3 and 7.

3.   2x+5 =6    

         -5   -5     I did not realize that I was supposed to apply the opposite procedure

     2x  = 1               to both sides of the equation.   I now know that it is important to

       2       2                  accurately solve for the unknown variable.

        x= ½

7.  (Problem)                        (Explaination)

       ( correct process)

I plan to come in for extra study tips and help.

I plan to retest on Oct 6th 2015