CTDS Meeting Minutes 11/7/2016

Treasurer’s Report: Suggestions for streamlining the reporting process were discussed.

Next Dance: New Brew and Donna Calhoun; George will run sound; Heather/Stephen will host

Anniversary Dance: Derek will work out logistics of potluck, etc. with Deb and Steve

Publicity: Margaret will confirm talent with Suzanne by 1st of the month for local listings.

Sound Help Ideas:

Booking Talent: Derek will talk to Steve about allowing for some bigger names to bring in more people once every 2-3 months; piggy-back off of regional tours

Suzanne suggested some ideas for pop-up events at MainX24, Coolidge Park, or the walking bridge

Ideas for reaching out to college students were discussed, including passing out flyers and asking for students to invite friends during the announcements

A template for announcements was discussed.

Elections will be held at the 1st dance in January.

The possibility of a hospitality committee was discussed. Margaret will put some feelers out about who might want to help.

Next Meeting: December 5, 2016 at 6 pm at Yellow Deli