Websites to be reviewed by Summer School Participants


Instructables is a site developed by Squid Labs, a lab whose focus is on technical innovation and whose founders were once part of the MIT Media Lab. Instructables provides a forum for personal creativity, as it allows users to post instructions to describe how they created something. The concept of Instructables has been in the works for over five years, and has evolved from a platform initially called iFabricate that was developed in late 2004. Instructables was acquired by Autodesk in August 2011.


MAKE is an American bimonthly magazine published by Maker Media which focuses on do it yourself (DIY) and/or DIWO (Do It With Others) projects involving computers, electronics, robotics, metalworking, woodworking and other disciplines. The magazine is marketed to people who enjoy making things and features complex projects which can often be completed with cheap materials, including household items. Make magazine is considered "a central organ of the maker movement."

Bizzare Stuff

Bizaare Stuff is a museum of classic home science projects. It is not so much meant to be "how to" or educational, but more of a celebration of early to mid 20th century home experimentation and pop science illustration. Please read the FAQ to learn more about the philosophy behind it.

eHow inspires and empowers people to succeed at life's everyday projects, by connecting members with information, tools and each other to accomplish any task. The site is home to a library of more than 1 million articles and videos, and a rich community that shares their experiences and provides real-life advice. In December 2009, launched its first ever mobile application for Android. The application lets users search and use the site's vast library of articles and videos from anywhere at any time.


Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet. Our playful posts are the gold-standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts.


DoitYourself has been repeatedly honored among the Best on the Web, and was named "One of the Top 50 Sites in the World" by Time Magazine. In addition to its extraordinarily broad list of topics, it operates the most active home improvement forums on the Internet, enabling consumers to get personalized advice from professionals in over 100 subjects.


At greenUPGRADER we believe being green doesn't have to be difficult and that it shouldn't feel overwhelming. Instead of telling you how to live, we provide you with options that can help you live a greener life. We want to make sustainable living accessible to everyone, because we believe that if everyone makes at least a small change, the impact will be big! To help you along your journey, we provide interesting and novel products, recipes, tutorials and how-tos, green ideas, and sustainability news.


HowStuffWorks features articles, videos, and product reviews on a variety of topics including animals, auto, business & money, communications, computers, electronics, entertainment, food & recipes, geography, health, history, home & garden, people, science, and travel. Members can upload short how-to videos on the site. is the largest source of expert content on the Internet that helps users solve problems, learn something new or find inspiration.


wikiHow is the Wikipedia of how-to articles with more than 80,000 pieces written by thousands of volunteers. Its range of article categories are vast and include everything from arts & entertainment, health, and relationships, to cars, hobbies, sports , computers, and more. Active wikiHow members take on the task of patrolling recent changes on the site, participate in various projects, keep contact through chat, forums and conference calls, and meet in person once or twice a year. Anybody can contribute to wikiHow.

Electronics for you

Over the last four decades, the EFY Group has become synonymous with information on cutting-edge technology. Today, this renowned media group is spread across eight cities of India, and caters toover two million techies spread across the globe.

Its print publications not only reach every nook and corner of India but are also read by techies in South Asian countries, like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The Group is also amongst the few Indian publishers to have its publications distributed in Singapore and Malaysia.

The online communities of the group provide tech content to readers from all across the globe. The group’s online portfolio includes some global leaders, like,,,, and Plus, the company manages three social media (Facebook) communities, which are global leaders in their respective domains. These include:, and


MakeUseOf Directory is an online directory listing free web-based and mobile applications. At the moment site receives around 1,500,000 visitors and 2.5 million pageviews per month.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is an online platform that provides its users with news, insights, and information related to several categories. It provides news, articles, information, and insights related to several categories such as science, automotive, technology, adventure, and more.

It also provides its users with information and guidelines related to home improvement, do-it-yourself projects, skills development, and other related categories. In addition, it features video clips and images that are related to its coverage of news and information.

Popular Mechanics also provides its users with information such as market value, market trends, product launches, editorials, and more.


MakerZone is a e-learning blog started by Mathworks, the company who own the software MATLAB and SIMULINK. It provides tutorials and how-to guides for projects with the usage of MATLAB and SIMULINK.

Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet. Our playful posts are the gold-standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts.

We are taking back the term “Hacking” which has been soured in the public mind. Hacking is an art form that uses something in a way in which it was not originally intended. This highly creative activity can be highly technical, simply clever, or both. Hackers bask in the glory of building it instead of buying it, repairing it rather than trashing it, and raiding their junk bins for new projects every time they can steal a few moments away.


element14 offers the first online community specifically for engineers - from electronic design all the way through maintenance and repair. The community is a place where engineers and electronic enthusiasts:

As part of the element 14 Evolution we want to make your job easier than ever, so we've developed user-friendly resources that allow you to ask questions, get answers and stay up-to-date on engineering topics.


OpenSource is an online publication focused on how open source is applied to different areas, including business, education, government, health, law, and other disciplines of life.

The organization’s goal is to further the open source way by sharing the open source movement. Its open-source community of readers is made up of those who believe that open participation and sharing can tackle the business, social, environmental, and technological challenges faced by individuals today.