Basic Rules of the Game for Fields 4, 5 and 6.

For more info see SOCCA Form 04B.

  1. Out of Bounds: A ball is not out of bounds unless it is (completely across) the boundary line. A ball may be dribbled (still in play) up the field while touching the boundary line in any way.
  2. A GOAL is not scored unless the ball (completely crosses) the goal line. Attacking players may enter the box while kicking the ball into the goal to complete the shot. Keepers may not be inside the box to catch the ball as that is a goal for the attacking team. Attackers may not bodily knock Keepers into the box and must cease kicking the ball when the Keeper is in control meaning one hand controls or has stopped the ball. One hand on the ball stopping motion is considered to be in control but dangerous play must be observed at all times.
  3. Kick off is from center and the ball should move in any forward motion one complete turn and be touched by a player other than the original kicker after the kick. The kicking team may line up on the center field line. Defensive players must be outside the center circle area and may be on the centerline outside the circle. Kick off should start each half with one team kicking off the first half, the other team the second half or after a point is scored.
  4. Positions: Though it is a good idea to keep the “Goalie” or “Keeper” near the goal they are defending, it is not a rule that they must stay there. Basically, any player can be anywhere on the field at any time with the exception that the “Goalie” or “Keeper” may not use their hands to pick up a ball outside the large boxed area. The “Goalie” or “Keeper” may use their hands anywhere from inside the large box inward towards the goal. Any intentional use of hands otherwise is a handball and an indirect kick from that position by the other team. Other than Kick Off or the Keeper using hands inside the box, any player can be anywhere on the field at any time during live play. We do however strongly recommend that players be taught positions as best they can understand them.
  5. Throw In should be taught using both hands straight over the head with both feet touching the ground. You may stop and redo the throw in instructing the proper method. A throw in is taken when a ball is kicked completely out of bounds on the long ends of the field.
  6. Goal Kicks are taken by any player on the defending goal and must clear the large box area untouched by any other player before play can resume. Goal Kicks are taken when a ball is kicked off the narrow end by an attacking team. The ball should be kicked from anywhere on the small box area from center towards the end of the field the ball went out of bounds.
  7. Corner Kicks are taken when the defending team touches the ball prior to it going out of bounds on the narrow end they are defending. The corner kick may be taken by anyone on the attacking team and is placed inside the rounded arcs painted on either corner. The kick should be taken on the end closest to where the ball went out of bounds. This is a direct kick.
  8. Handballs should be called when intent was used to touch the ball and not if while protecting the players face the hands are hit. A handball gives a free indirect kick for the other team.

Form-04D SOCCA Very Basic Rules Fields 4-5-6.doc