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Resource Help

  1. Casa de la Mujer de La Union. Programa de Apoyo a Victimas de Violencia Sexual y Domestica
    Provides psychological and legal assistance; SHG; training, prevention; workshops; talks at schools and clinics; work on national networks; courses; psycho-social consultations.
    Address: Ing. Jose Serrato 2613 - Montevideo, Uruguay
    Telefono: (598-2) 507 6502; 506 0601 Fax: (598-2) 506 0691
    Correo electrónico: 
  2. Centro para la Restitución de las Relaciones Familiares, LIBRA
    Provides education programs for women who are survivors of violence.
    Address: Julio CEsar 1430 - 604 - Montevideo, Uruguay
    Telefono: (598-2) 622 8388
    Correo electronico: 
  3. Comision de la Mujer, Zona 9
    Provides psychosocial care; prevention and reporting; training, education; working with community groups; participation in local networks; campaigns; participation in local government bodies (Board of Neighborhood and Neighborhood Council), to mainstream a gender perspective in public policies.
    Address: Gerónimo Piccioli 3119 - Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-2) 514 1311
  4. Fundación Plenario de Mujeres del Uruguay, PLEMUU
    Management and technical supervision helpline for women victims of violence, the Municipality of Montevideo; training operators in domestic violence; adolescent care center; psychological attention; work on national networks; agreements with government agencies.
    Address: Uruguay 1555-11200 Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-2) 401 7470 · Fax: (598-2) 480556
  5. Support Group for Women and the Family of Cologne, GAMU
    Provides training for women and assists in capacity building.
    Address: Rivera 184 - Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-522) 7560; 3369

Legal Help

  1. Mujeres Ahora
    Offers assistance in the form of training and rights awareness for survivors of violence.
    Address: San Jose 1436-11200 Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-2) 903 9019 · Fax: (598-2) 903 9019
  2. Women and Society Institute
    Legal and psychotherapeutic assistance; promoting legal training; workshops; work on national networks; Woman in Comuna project implementation agreement with Municipality of Montevideo.
    Address: Juan Manuel Blanes 1231 - Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-2) 409 3631
    Fax: (598-2) 409 3631
  3. Municipality of Montevideo Women's Commission
    Offers Legal Service; social and psychological counseling; seminars and workshops; creating communal spaces for participation and meeting women (Comuna Women); youth centers; health care programs for women in municipal polyclinics; telephone direct service to women victims of domestic violence.
    Address: City Hall, 2nd Floor, Sector Santiago - Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: (598-2) 901 7830 (int.1950-1935) · Fax: (598-2) 901 7830 (int.1950-1934)

Refugee Support

  1. SEDHU - Servicio Ecuménico para la Dignidad Humana
    Provides legal assistance and social resettlement assistance for refugees and those among them that have faced and survived gender based violence.
    Colonia 1569/201 - 11200, Montevideo
    Tel: +598 24 08 09 34 - 24 0218 27