Jeremy Green: Concordia U16/20

Albert Cheng: SIS(HK) U12/14
















1.1 Eligible for competition under the ISSFHK Constitution, By-laws, and Standing Rules.

1.2 Team Eligibility forms must be faxed to the executive secretary, no later than 24 hours prior to the teams’ first competition. Amendments may be made by submitting another Team Eligibility form by the deadline above.

All Eligibility Lists will be available at all Hosting Schools for teams to check – Therefore schools need to ensure that this information  is emailed to the convenors (see above).

1.3 An athlete may compete in more than one division under special circumstances. Athlete may play above his/her age group but can’t play below his/her age level. Player may only play in two rounds of competition.

Once a player plays in a 3rd round of competition in a higher division they must remain in that division.

Play-off round of competition, Athlete may only play in one age group.  


2.1 A team for each match shall consist of 5 to 7 players. There must be at least 5 players present before the start of each match.

2.2 Each team shall be arranged in such a way as to provide 3 singles and 2 doubles teams. Players can play in one singles and one doubles game but two singles cannot play together in a doubles game. Doubles players cannot play in two doubles games.


3.1 Players will be responsible to officiate their own matches and do so in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.

3.2 Team coaches should emphasize to their players the importance of fair play and good judgment.

3.3 For the Championship play, each team should provide umpires and linesmen for matches


4.1 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup system is adopted for the 2010-2011 season, for both the boys and girls competitions.

4.2 21 points in boys singles, 21 points in girls singles and 21 points in all doubles will rally point scoring for all matches.

4.3 The order of play shall be as follows:

Order of Matches

1 First Singles First Singles

2 First Doubles First Doubles

3 Second Singles Second Singles

4 Second Doubles Second Doubles

5 Third Singles Third Singles

4.4 All matches will be the best 3 out of 5.

4.5 Any player or pair unable to play when requested to do so shall forfeit the game concerned, and it shall be scored as a win for the opponent by one game.

4.6 Singles should be seeded as 1,2,3 and so forth.   All players in the team need to be seeded prior to the start of the season and then again half way through the season, 1st April at U14, U16 and U20.

(Not applicable for U12). Students can just move up if an athlete is sick/absent(i.e students should play up higher based on the seeding). Schools need to email the seeding to the convener, no later than 24 hours prior to the teams’ first competition.


5.1 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and zero points for giving away a walk-over.

5.2 If two teams tie on points, the winner of the match between the two teams shall be awarded the higher position.

5.3 If three or more teams tie on points, the winner will be decided by:-

i. games difference in the match among teams concerned, if undecided

ii. points difference in the matches among teams concerned

5.4 If at any stage, using the above criteria in 5.3 (i) and (ii), a multiple team is reduced to a tie involving only two teams, the procedure in 5.2 will automatically be applied. If it is reduced to a tie still involving more than two teams, the procedure beginning with 5.3 (i) is repeated.

5.5 In the event of a walk-over, the score should be recorded as 3:0.


6.1 All players are to wear a school sport uniform.

6.2 Any players deemed to be in violation will be given 5 minutes to make the necessary corrections, after which the game about to be played will be defaulted.


7.1 The schedule will be released by February 7th. After this date, schools have until February 14th,  to appeal for changes to competition dates. After Feb 18th, the schedule will be considered finalized.

Schools who are unable to meet scheduled games after schedule has been finalized date will forfeit match.

7.2 The ISSFHK website ( will hold the final version of the schedule.


8.1 All competitions will commence at 4:15 pm at scheduled venues.

8.2 Teams arriving late will be penalized in the following manner

10 minutes late they forfeit the 1st singles game

20 minutes late they forfeit the 1st doubles game

30 minutes late the forfeit the 2nd singles game & forfeit the match 3- 0

Finish times

Each round of competition shall be 60 minutes in length & the hosting convener shall be sole judge of time: An official clock should be visible at all times for players & coaches so that they are aware of how much time is available for play.

Teams are required to have competed in 3 games before the completion of the 60 minutes of play.

The 3rd game winner if not completed after 60 minutes will be determined by who has the most points at the end of 60 minutes. If game score is level – then game will continue with next point being the deciding point for match.

Winning team will be awarded match 2- 1

Matches are considered complete after game scores of 3-0. Teams may continue to play but games won’t count towards final game score.  

NB. All teams must ensure that they have players ready to play on time and limit their warm up time once official timing begins.

Tied matches in league play

Because we are playing badminton using a time restriction of 60 minutes to complete a set of 5 matches with the winner being decided by the first team to win 3 matches.

What happens in the following situations?

1. 5th Game – tied 2 games all – last match is tied  10-10 & the buzzer goes off after 60 minutes.  Next point wins & this applies to any score 1-1, 2-2 – the next point determines who wins the match.

2. No, 5th game was not played & the score is 2 games all – How is winner determined?

If at all possible we should try to get a 5th game started – However, if time doesn’t permit & we play 4 matches with a score of 2- 2.  Add the points for & against for all 4 matches – the team with best, for & against aggregate wins

Team A  21-15, 10-21, 21-4, 6-21 Team B – 15-21, 21-10, 4-21, 21-6

For 58/ 61 = 0.95 For 61/58 = 1.05

Team B wins match

The above system will only apply during league play. During play offs teams will not be placed under a 60 minute time limit to complete matches.

All teams who submitted No Play days & were are unable to play during normal scheduled league play will be rescheduled to play on another day to complete matches missed.

Teams who fail to give No play dates or require rescheduling matches after Feb 18th will be required to forfeit their matches as ample time is given to have matches rescheduled.


9.1 League play will be based on round robin play between the competing schools.

9.2 The top 4 teams will play in the Championships for each division and each



DUTIES OF HOME TEAM (the first mentioned team in the fixture)

10.1 Before the game, the home team shall give a blank score sheet to the away team. Each team coach shall present the composition of his/her team in writing in the score sheet to his/her counterpart in the opposing team before the start of play. No alteration there of shall be made afterwards.

10.2 Ensure that the score sheets are completed after the match and provide a copy to each coach, and remind the winning team to give score sheet to hosting school at end of match.

10.3 All teams must be accompanied by a team coach who is a staff member or an authorized person of the school.

10.4 Only the team coach can make appeal and communicate with the opposing school.

10.5 Coaching during a match is prohibited except between games.

10.6 The name of the team coach should appear on the score sheet prior to the competition. The team coach must sign the score sheet after the competition.

NB. Schools do not need to email starting team line up for 1st round matches


As outlined in the ISSFHK constitution.


12.1 Must be made in writing to the ISSFHK Convener of Badminton within 24 hours of the match.

This protest must be signed by both the team coach and the Athletic Representative of the school.


13.1 Championship pennants and trophies will be presented to each divisional championship team.

13.2 Individual gold, silver & bronze medallions will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers in each division.