Ham/Turkey, Apple and Gouda Quesadilla’s

From the kitchen of: Yolanda Caccamo Quackenbush


* 2 Large Tortilla Shells

* 3 slices of Honey Turkey

* 3 slices of Brown Sugar Ham

~*~ I made on with Turkey and One with Ham, but feel free to just do one or the other. I couldn't decide, so I did one of each! :)

* 10 thin slices of a Golden Delicious Apple, skin on

* About 1-2 cups of shredded Gouda (add more or less depending on how much cheese you like)

* Butter, to grease the pan and add golden crisp look


* Shred the Gouda

* Slice the Apples

* Lay a Tortilla flat and sprinkle Gouda all over half of the Tortilla

* Add three slices of Ham or Turkey

* Spread Apple slices across

* Sprinkle more cheese all over the top

* Close the Quesadilla up.

* Heat a large skillet on Medium heat (I was using my fancy skillet, which I love!) and lightly grease the bottom of your pan with butter.

* Once your frying pan is hot, place your quesadilla's in the pan.

* Cook until lightly golden on the bottom and then flip over to the other side to cook.

* Take out of pan with a spatula (I have fancy spatula Tongs) and cut into wedges with a pizza cutter or knife.

* Eat with chips, veggies or fries like I did!