April 19, 2017

  1. Call to order - 7:02

  1. Approve March Meeting Minutes/Facebook Live Video 

  1. Principal update – Sean Leverty

a.        Cyber Security information

  1. KidsHealth article about device/app appropriate use - Link to follow

  1. Teacher Liaison update – Amanda Elliott
  1. Thank you for a great year so far!

  1. President update – Mike Pringle
  1. Nominations for next year’s PTO Board
  1. Lauren Dahl – Vice President, motion made and seconded
  2. Ross Bradshaw – Treasurer, motion made and seconded
  3. Becky O’Donnell – Volunteer Coordinator, motion made and seconded
  4. Nominations are active for 30 days and will be voted on May meeting
  1. Budget Committee meeting
  1. May 1st @ the Pringle’s 6pm

  1. Vice President update – Robynn Schillace
  1. Dine out for dollars update - Bambuza (Hall Blvd.) 4/26
  1. Need a volunteer(s) to help bus tables for dinner shift (30 min to 1 hours shifts)

  1. Secretary update – Peter James

  1. Volunteer Coordinator update – Amy Nokes / Abe Martinez
  1. Thank you to Clothes Closet volunteers!
  2. Wednesday May 10th is Walk&Bike to School day!
  3. Thursday May 11th is Muffins for Mom and those that Love Me
  4. Jump Rope for Heart is coming up!
  5. Staff Appreciation Lunches for 6 weeks beginning first week of May - email coming from Wendy Pringle to Room Parents
  6. Field Day is June 22nd

  1. Treasurer update – Kelley Stine

a.        Budget and fundraising goals passed out - will belinked here

b.  Auction Update - Sensational signups still coming in, total will change throughout summer

c.  Prior years’ auction comparison - will update here with these figures

  1. Round Table
  1. Fun Run - September 29th - Wendy Pringle will chair, but is asking for some people to shadow for future years, concern from David McKay that fundraising goal is communicated to kids and he feels that some in his classes are disappointed in reaching goal, and some might feel they need to go back to sponsors and ask for more money
  2. Should goal change?  DIfferent $ amount?  Different goal for kids (distance run, laps)?  Corporate sponsors? Kids have personal goal of increasing the number of sponsors
  3. Three months’ lead time now to ask for sponsorships.
  4. Tie yearbook ad space to corporate sponsors, have prizes for # of donors instead of $, tie prizes to hawkeyes

  1. Adjourn - Old Market Pub for drinks afterwards! - 7:45