Climate Ribbon Project | Un Ruban Pour le Climat

Visionary climate arts project seeking Paris-based organizer/producer through December

The Climate Ribbon project is looking for a Paris-based coordinator to manage event production and community outreach around the COP 21 climate mobilizations.

The position is up to 15 hours per week @ 18€ per hour. It will begin IMMEDIATELY, and last through December 20.

Apply by emailing your excitement about the project (aka “Cover letter”), resume, and references to Kate and the Climate Ribbon team at climateribbon (at) gmail (dot) com.

Deadline: Sept 30th, 2015

The Climate Ribbon is a global storytelling project that uses art and ritual to move us from climate grief to climate action. The power of the project is rooted in a very simple yet profound question: What do I love and hope to never to lose to Climate Chaos?​ In a moment of deep reflection, participants write their answer on a ribbon, and then share their ribbon with others by adding it to the Climate Ribbon Tree, a monumental sculpture, which will be installed in key Paris locations during the COP 21 (including: next to the COP meeting space, at the terminus of the big Nov 29 march, as well as the Alternatiba Village of Alternatives, and CentQuatre art space). As it did in New York last year, the Tree will become a focal point for a range of grassroots and high-profile activities, from art-rituals to press events to community gatherings. The Tree and its stories will be a powerful statement of global public opinion, reminding negotiators of all that we stand to lose if we do not secure a strong treaty.

We are a small team of New York-based art-activists working in partnership with Coalition Climat 21, Alternatiba, 350, and Avaaz; we’ve already lined up the venues mentioned above; and the Tree design and fabrication are nearly complete.

What is needed: an organizer/producer who knows her or his way around Paris art and organizing circles, to manage logistics and outreach, and engage diverse communities to participate in the project.

Ideal candidate has solid exposure to climate justice issues; appreciation for the role art, ritual and storytelling can play in movement building; relationships with climate justice and arts-organizing groups in Paris (and preferably, France and Europe broadly).

Candidate must be fluent in both French and English and based in Paris.

Specific Paris coordinator responsibilities:

Oversee logistics of art-installations, and all related event-production details, including any necessary permitting, managing relationships with venues, and recruiting builders/artists to assist with installation.

In coordination with US-based team, develop and execute an outreach and press strategy (knowledge of local press a plus!). Assist with social media campaign.

Liaise with key partners, and build additional partnerships with local groups.

Outreach to local groups, schools, faith-based communities and frontlines communities; recruit people to join the project and participate day(s)-of. Ensure engagement with local Parisian & frontlines activists.

Coordinate volunteer recruitment and sign-ups for art building weekends & and days-of.

The Climate Ribbon team is committed to doing our part in the struggle for collective liberation. We prioritize applications from members of historically oppressed and marginalized groups in all hiring decisions, and strive to foster a working culture in which new hires feel supported and valued.

Apply by emailing your excitement about the project (aka “Cover letter”), resume, and references to Kate and the Climate Ribbon team at climateribbon (at) gmail (dot) com.

Deadline: Sept 30th, 2015