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Priority 1. Core problems solutions and most important suggestions.

DayZ server modes to choose suitable gameplay experience

Player-driven social simulation

Comfortable gameplay - abuse free

Server hopping abuse and combat log prevention

Priority 2. Advantageous features and concepts vastly improving the game

Taking night time back to survival experience

Advanced Medicine and Injury

Categorized and sorted features


Character abilities, actions, interactions

Character development\skills\attributes

Map\Game world


Gameplay, server side, system, db and other mechanics

Player interactions, social, practical

ADDITION TO PERMAIDENTITY - Personal and shared standings, social list.

Social List. Buddy List.

Public Standings

More dramatic player influence on environment (example)

Character customization

Vehicles and transport

Food and consumables

Buildings, houses

Many models, buildings, objects, furniture proportions are inaccurate compared to player model.

Locations and landscape

Traps and security

Weapons and combat

Tactical and dry reload


Items and crafting

Backpack extensions

Map authenticity extensions

Trash\Garbage bins and piles extensions


Inventory and controls

Fire and light ideas



List of contributors

1. Introduction

Based on this forum.

2. Priority 1. Core problems solutions and most important suggestions.

2.1. DayZ server modes to choose suitable gameplay experience

Idea is old and was suggested by developers long time ago. But since then nothing was ever heard about it.

Some players prefer 3rd person view and no night time. Some player adore night and first person view. Many people enjoy hero\bandit skin and KOS. Some people came to DayZ for another more hardcore and deeper simulation. Many people would like to try other gameplay to choose the one they will play most.

Having one global server settings and database for the whole DayZ is not helping anyone of the described player groups. The choice is absent. Development will require global balancing and it will definitely lead to limiting one or another player group.


It is much better not to think about levels as about scale of difficulty. We suggest thinking about them as game modes. Each mode represents some gameplay style with some distinction in some of the aspects.

For example DayZ Server Modes can be:

This is just an example list and many other interesting combinations can be found. This approach can fulfil the needs of many player categories and preserve immense variety of experience to choose from without limiting\degrading\overloading the game for everyone.

2.2. Player-driven social simulation

Core problems:

Players see realistic environment with many real life experience simulations. They try to act socially realistic and authentic too, but fail, because any social interaction is based on two important facts.

Real life social facts:

  1. You trust those who you know. Every person has something unique in appearance and physical activity which can give ability to 100% positively identify a person in real life. If a person tries to avoid identification - it raises suspicion.
  2. You value your life, and know everyone values theirs. Every person wants to live, doesn’t want to die, understands he has one life and cherishes it. If someone is a threat to another persons life - it raises aggression.

None of the two facts are present in the game. Social interaction impossible. All we see is a workaround over workaround, which sometimes looks like social life, but is just an optical fake without any basis. That is because in DayZ the real social facts are non existent.

DayZ social facts:

  1. Extremely critical ingame anonymity. No one trusts anyone because they can’t know each other, they only guess or organize via other social services. No ingame ability to verify identity. Usernames changed at will. Appearance is chosen at will. Even with custom appearance and clothing you still won’t be sure you see someone you know\met in front of you.
  2. Absence of character survival motivation. No one values their virtual life\character. The game gives nothing to be afraid to lose upon death. Nothing to lose, nothing to fear, nothing to play. Loosing loot is nothing but a newbie problem - you can come to your body and have everything back, you can ask buddy to take your loot back to you, you can finally spend a bit of your time and loot it all again. Losing time to get back to previous location is too a newbie problem. If you got Cholera - you have no motivation to get treatment. Just ask a buddy to disinfect your items and kill you. Then you come fresh and take your loot back. Nothing social here, just and exploit. It breaks immersion and has nothing to do with authentic thinking.


  1. Introduce some persistent “anchor” to player identity or character (limit the ability to change identity at will) and a precise method of identification of a player, learning his nickname. As an example comes the perma-identity and social memory feature.
  2. Introduce virtual life’s growing value over time. A character who survived 1 hour must be definitely of more value than a fresh spawn. 6 hour survivor must sure have more motivation for self-preservation than 1-hour-survivor. 12 hour of survival must have distinct advantages over 6 hour survivor. And so on and so forth. As an example: passive physical development, passive “attribute time” concept, action and social memory.
  1. Introduce at least a vague effect of “genetic memory” or “evolution” per account. Let your previous life affect your future character. Vague, very subtle, almost unseen influence, which can be obvious only over time with attentive comparison of what was initially and resulted in. The diversity of affects is huge. It can be practical, functional, statistical or decorative. Examples: eat tinned food and drink soda mostly - your next character gets 0.05% less chance to get digestive problems for such food, but have very slightly less overall health level, visually your skin get more pale, character is a bit more skinny. Managed to recover from Cholera with antibiotics and survive a reasonably long time? Your next character receives 0.05% less chance to catch Cholera again. A lot of running makes you faster, but you are more vulnerable to knee damage and leg\feet fractures. If you suffered a lot from fatigue, lost consciousness because you seldom rested - new character will be less vulnerable to fatigue, but the max weight he can carry will be a bit lower. The main condition of the feature - this genetic boost is only given if character survives long time (3 or 6 actual gameplay hours). Possibilites are endless, but this slight effect will make each player develop their own unique genetic species and their character will represent exactly their own gameplay. They will be in some way stronger and in some way weaker than fresh new players with balanced features.
  2. (optional) Revoke ability to loot your own corpse. E.g. Destroy the corpse when in vicinity of the owner.

2.3. Comfortable gameplay - abuse free

2.3.1. Server hopping abuse and combat log prevention

DayZ allows players to keep their gear and location across every official server. This is definitely a way to gain advantage in combat and strategic situations.

Main problems:

  1. Ghosting” - you encounter something (e.g. engaged in combat or encounter danger) on server 1, you exit and “ghost”\change your location at server 2, you enter server 1 back and acquire advantage both not realistic and not authentic, which ruins immersion.

Solution 1

Spawn delay and required server cooldown.

Your character and every server have a spawn cooldown timer. The fact of joining the server is considered to be the moment the character spawned in the world and takes control over his character. The fact of leaving the server is considered to be the moment the player leaves the game world and cannot control his character (including ALT+F4, Manual or emergency network shutdown, kick, electricity failure or “graceful” exit via menu).

Common non-hopping player sees no difference in his gameplay. Such players usually play decent amount of time on one server and won’t suffer from hopping cooldown. After leaving some server for some reason they won’t suffer from server cooldown, because they won’t return there soon. The only delay they will experience is the required personal cooldown to join other server.

Solution 2

Semi-private location database mode (local spawn, per-server location continuity).

What is the best you can think about private servers (apart from modding)? The persistence and local state of database for one server. Unshared database. Server hopping for private server is never an issue. But your gear is not shared to other servers. You risk ending up without a player slot and ability to play on your favourite private server. Now we need this concepts to evolve and combine into a local spawn servers with global character database.

Many many devoted and thinking players come to this idea and feel that player’s position must be remembered individually per server. That having a global position among all servers is an unfair, immersion breaking advantage which gives nothing to such specisific gameplay as DayZ has. Each server is simply a clone, alternative reality layer, instead of being a unique new world, territory, a continued space, a part of endless seamless universe.


Solution 3

Introduction of Radios with ability to interfere audibly into other people’s gameplay space.

3. Priority 2. Advantageous features and concepts vastly improving the game

3.1. Taking night time back to survival experience

No need to explain the emotional and immersive advantages of surviving in the night time. Real life balances this out: each person is basically prepares and plans his activities so, that by night time he is in a shelter and sleeping to continue activities in the morning. Night time sometimes useful for certain activities. When you don’t want to be spotted, when you can’t do something by daylight. Life and game differ mostly because players can choose the server timezone and play by daylight when they please and can evade night time. The problem is, that in game you can’t get caught by night time, you always have an option to switch to another server.

Many people have different life styles so they can’t be forced to experience night time in their gameplay.


3.2. Advanced Medicine and Injury

Grobman, practicing doctor, developed a medicine concept for DayZ. It is very consolidated, continuous and logical. It can seem complex, but in fact it is a great work on simplification of core principles to contribute DayZ specific needs.

It is based on the fact, that body has critically important organs and resources, and less critical ones.

The concept is that our organism is a fragile glass sphere at the top of a structure, that prevents its damage:





lungs --> BLOOD <-- heart

digestion -----------> EXCRETION <-- kidney, liver etc.

Only this structure determines the living and functional organism. Just add arms and legs and you have a survivor :)

All aspects can be represented as a circled diagram. This diagram can be used as ingame indicator for player or internally to determine the avatar health state without showing abundant info to the player.

Each sector or circle is reduced and colored\dimmed\faded respectively when player is injured, malnutritioned or intoxicated.

For example BRAIN circle:

BLOOD circle

Nutritional substances we will call as generic SUGAR, meaning all the nutrition:

OXYGEN in fact represents stamina.





Now we have all important indicators, their interaction, balance and all the advantages of deep health simulation. No exaggeration, no abundancy - only basics and functional mechanics.

It can be either visual or hidden, but it will sure contribute to the authenticity of the game.

4. Categorized and sorted features

4.1. Death

Ability to drag corpses and ALIVE\unconscious\injured players

Zombies, rats, dogs, predators etc. can transmit infections after eating\attacking a player with infection.

Ability to burn corpses with no risk of being infected.

Rare chance of being killed by lightning.


Flies on the corpse should appear much later. At least 5-10 minutes for gameplay sake.

Flies are appearing not only on corpses but on garbage piles and left unpacked food.

Would be cool to actually see flies (black dots) above a corpse or faeces.

Fake death. Ability to fall as if dead and lie not moving.

Fake zombie. Ability to play animations like zombies do to fool enemies.

More blood effects. Injured with heavy bleeding must leave traces on items, ground\floor etc.

Ability to put unconscious or dead player, or hide yourself in a vehicle cargo\trunk, inside big boxes, caches, cupboards, freight containers, garbage containers etc.

Ability to climb a tree to escape zombies or pursuit.

Sometimes crows surround corpses. Scared off into the sky if someone walks nearby or shoots.

Bury corpse. Needs a shovel and soil under it. No burying inside buildings.

Different corpse states. Shot, stabbed, eaten by zombies with clothes damaged, rotting, skeleton.

Killer swamps

4.2. Character abilities, actions, interactions

Character has separate hand\wrist slots for left and right hands and each slot contents are visualized on model.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Player cannot carry heavy items (car engine, heli rotor, wheels etc) in backpack.

4.3. Character development\skills\attributes

Initial character creation class with future life penalty variant

Sleep. The concept of expendable gameplay hours (GPH).

*numbers and times are subject to balance

You can think of GPH as a global character stamina resource, you can visualize it as a bar of 8* sections, representing 8 hours of gameplay. The bar is draining each 5* minutes and the same amount of time is drained. The bar is restoring while character is resting or asleep. The better the conditions for rest - the quicker the bar is restored.

!Sleep restores GPH!

Getting to a rested state requires at least 1* minute. After activating “SLEEP” function character lies or sits down and is snoozing for 1 minute and only then his state is changed to “resting\sleeping”.

Player deprived of sleep for a long time can suffer from:

There are following types of sleep (carefully balanced for more convenient gameplay)

Other uses of GPH: Penalty or GPH resource drain for travelling between servers

4.4. Map\Game world

Each type of surface affects movements speed both humans\zombies and vehicles.

Players can collect wood, foliage and plant to make concealment for vehicles, tents or other objects

Markers on a map are tagged with server prefix and bound to a map item. NO GLOBAL MARKERS INGAME.

GPS satellites get out of order pretty soon without proper services so GPS will be gone in DayZ scenario.

Night is TOO dark. Moon and stars, clear skies - you can’t see nearby house.

Cases it is realistically pitch dark

It gets colder and more windy the higher you climb and in shadows.

4.5. Graphics

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Less blinding\fading effects at night. ArmA simulates it very poorly. You have to look down to restore vision.

4.6. Gameplay, server side, system, db and other mechanics

Ability to add any server to favourites list without leaving the game.

Serverbrowser with filters: difficulty, modded, wrong version etc.

Use Steam “Join server” for your ingame buddy\clan players. Not Steam friends because streamers can get abused. Ability to disable it on your client side.

Off-server technology to supply rare items when using metal detector (possible advanced semi-clientside simulation)

GPH penalty for travelling between servers

GLOBAL VIRTUAL DAYZ GEOVERSE based on real server locations by IP address.

If each server could have a geolocation at least by ip then we could count a distance from server to server and use the distance ot calculate amount of GPH or other resources that must be spent to travel there.

What do we have in total effect on the gameplay with this features implemented?

Loot balancing ideas

  1. Wasteland mode: Overall loot spawn is decreased in relation to death ratio between player count and deaths. The more players kill other players - the less loot spawned. Creates atmosphere of bad or good server.
  2. Prospering society mode: Overall loot spawn increases with player count. Few players - scarce loot. Many players - abundant loot. Prevents overlooting empty servers for farming.
  3. Seasonal loot balancing
  4. Always hungry mode. The food spawn is always slightly less than is enough for all amount of players present on the server.

Ability to queue up for joining a full server without connecting to it.

Chat messages are more transparent with distance to the source.

4.7. Player interactions, social, practical

Perma-identity, PID (feature was widely discussed and voted on forums and reddit)

“Anonymous MMO is impossible, because MMO is always social

 and society without identity is nothing but a KOS DayZ Mod”

Albert Einstein :)

4.7.1. ADDITION TO PERMAIDENTITY - Personal and shared standings, social list. Social List. Buddy List.

Example usage. Public Standings

Not recommended feature, breaks immersion a bit. Taken from EVE online.

More cooperative actions when more force required

Burying corpses adds humanity

4.7.2. More dramatic player influence on environment (example)

4.8. Character customization

Healed wound leaves a scar on the corresponding body part

Ability to shave your beard, head and brows :) Need adding sharp blades, razors and soap.

Ability to shave others (when they are unconscious too).

Ability to dye beard and hair.

Ability to create exotic beard and hair shapes and patterns.

4.9. Vehicles and transport

Vehicles do not explode often after damage (especially having NO fuel in tanks)! Explosions happen in very rare cases, mostly after being hit with big calibers or HE or if set on fire with ammunition and explosives in cargo.

Deeper mechanics for parts of a vehicle.

Ability to duck while in vehicle to evade being shot.

Ability to lock vehicle doors from inside.

Gazelle car - a most widespread car for ER, passenger transportation and other services in Russia and CIS. (photo)

Steerable parachutes

Hang gliders

PAZ - most widespread general purpose medium bus in Russia (photo)

Row boats that do not require fuel. Slower but commonly found and  effective.

Roller skates to have fun on asphalt roads.

Shopping cart for transportation over hard surfaces and having fun riding down the hills.


Planes that can land on water

Ability to ride in cargo space of vehicles

Dead players’ bodies not falling out of vehicles

Take control of a vehicle is driver\pilot is killed. Without exiting a vehicle - just swap seats when possible or kick out dead body.

Towing cords\ropes. Ability to tow vehicles.

Fully loaded car (full cargo + people inside) is visually lower in suspension clearance and has chance to blow tire or other authentic malfunctioning

Rail car on the railroad. Freight and transport opportunity on the coast.

Extinguish fire on vehicle

Use binoculars inside vehicles.

Glasses on vehicles get dirty with time. Action to clean it or break and remove.

Ability to push\propel vehicles manually by one or more players

Player or players can flip a vehicle to side or top. Not only when it is upside down, but at will.

Introduce freight assisting vehicles

Functional fire trucks: ladder and water systems.

Random fuel amount at gas stations

Introduce sports aerobatic planes (e.g. Su-29). They are easy in operation, lightweight, easy to repair, more common and cheaper than jets and military planes.

Fuel can be found at fuel tanks at railroads, fuel tank trucks, in shipwrecks.

Craft an improvised wooden raft with paddles.

Fuel pumps for faster fuel transmission. Simple hose for slower fuel transmission.

Three fuel types: 

Spray paint - for rough vehicle parts paint (as well as painting some walls or doors in buildings)

Searchlight for vehicles - controlled by players

Headlights can be crushed by front hit into obstacle or zombie

Headlights can be crafted to have protective bars

Headlights can be crafted at weapon turrets

Ability to attach bags\backpacks to bicycle or motorcycle sides. Two bags\backpacks.

Bicycles and motorcycles can be attached\stored on some vehicles on the roof ot at trunk\hood.

Chained wheels for better offroad performance

Seatbelts - no injury after collisions. Manual (un)fastening. Can be crafted on or off each seat.

Tire jack - can’t replace wheel without it.

Car pump and flat tires. If tire is flat but undamaged - can be recovered. If pierced - needs fixing.

Add a caravan car or a separate movable caravan.

Ability to eat, drink, bandage yourself and do everything that can be done inside a car. You can’t bandage in car in mod and do many other things that are obviously doable inside a car.

More immersive and common post-soviet motorbikes (Ural, Dnepr)

4.10. Food and consumables

Having spoon, knife and fork increases the speed of eating.

Ability to smoke cigarettes. Just for roleplay and atmosphere.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Vodka as a weak dysinfectant and consumable, causing slight camera sway and brighter colours.

Energy drinks, coffee with related effects on physical state.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Ability to drink half\desired amount of liquid from bottle\container with lesser effect.

Craft “slices” and “parts” of solid food using knife. Cut bigger sausage or bread into separate pieces for convenient sharing and storage.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Drink from water sources directly.

More home made traditional russian canned food in loot in homes.

Ability to craft rainwater gathering devices from plastic bag\wrap and a bottle, jerrycan

Meat and other cooked food degrades over time causing health problem if eaten. Canned food has random expiry date and can be spoiled\rotten when you open it.

Raspberry in drink can lower high temperature a bit

Licorice root is effective against diarrhea

You can eat some food while moving (not running)

4.11. Buildings, houses

4.11.1. Many models, buildings, objects, furniture proportions are inaccurate compared to player model.

This requires precise “in the field” measurements and standardization.

Ability to sit on a chair or lie on a sofa to restore stamina or health.

Player can exit\enter any building through unbarred window.

Ability to burn chairs and fences for campfires (or craft wood planks out of them for fire)

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Add street titles and house numbers for better immersion and location finding.

Zombies can break through a closed wooden door after a while. Can’t pass metal doors or enforced doors.

If player is not washing himself and stinks you can get a status message inside a building “you smell awful sweat”. Happens if some dirty player looted building not a while ago.

4.12. Locations and landscape

Historic bunkers, vaults or fortifications

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Police stations

Huge supermarkets

Big parking lots

Car repair stations

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - good location to be the historical source of spreading Z-virus.

Ability to destroy light bulbs if there will be any power system implemented

More fallen wood, more dense bushes.

Dense vegetation slows down movement

Ability to drag fallen trees. Disguise, roadblocks etc.

Enterable sewers

Mansion, formerly inhabited rich castle. Rare antique loot, security systems.

Offshore oil drilling platforms.

Remove irrelevant ambient sounds of non-existent objects, animals and phenomena.

Leave marks\cuts\ribbons on trees to mark location. Place sticks or little banners on the ground.

Use dirt and mud to cover your face and bright clothes for disguise (or full disguise)

One of the suggestions was to make collision animation for cases when player avatar hit a tree when sprinting\running.

Footwear and trousers get dirty when running a lot in mud and dirt during rain.

4.13. Traps and security

Compensate for unrealistically being offline :)

Ability to craft UNDETECTABLE tripwires for signalling.

Ability to wire corpses\any object\loot to explosives or signal flares\security devices

Ability to craft sharp poles and make spiked floor, which can be created in a pit and cause death or injury if fell on.

Ability to block a door from inside\outside by pressing your shoulder to it.

Ability to barricade a door by crafting wood plank with nails and hammer.

4.14. Weapons and combat


4.14.1. Tactical and dry reload

Remove “R” key as a cheaty unrealistic\unimmersive quick reloading feature. Hotbar reload replaces “R” key reload

Chance for weapon to be knocked out of hands

A MUST HAVE - hit direction\bodypart detection.

Non lethal weapons and tranquilizers\restrainers

Three melee attack types

Expand melee controls e.g. like in Penubra.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Knock-outs

Add melee pitchfork.

Smash bottle to get improvised bottleneck cutting weapon

Smash any glass on the ground - makes noise when stepped over, reveals sneaking players.

Optic scopes are not fullscreen, but render2texture objects with peripherals visibility.

If you aiming your gun for a long time you get more tired or your aim is more shaky after 2-3 minutes. Give it a rest by holstering it for a while (5-10 sec) to remove debuff.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Craft a sawed off shotgun or other suitable weapon with shortened barrel. Requires a metal cutting tool and less slots in inventory.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Entrenching tool and other instruments as melee weapon.

Optic attachments can be used as standalone monocular magnifying devices or NVG.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Knife as a melee weapon.

Introduce magazine clip as a separate way to quickly load bullets.

Sign weapon butt with custom text (requires knife for wooden butt or permanent marker for other surfaces)

Knife can be used to cut down small trees and plants for firewood.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Knife can be used to open up cans.

Melee hit with weapon butt

Bullet model for better death investigation

Different ammo types: hollow point, tracers, incendiary etc

Ability not only to punch, but kick or push. Mainly to be able to push away a zombie to break through when surrounded not for ninja martial arts showcases.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Chainsaw as clumsy and weak close combat weapon and a very effective wood cutting item


Attachable Mini chainsaw. Highly ineffective but kinda badass.

Hand grenades improved simulation

Lasers can temporarily blind as well as flashlights

Weapon optics and binoculars can reveal shooter’s position by reflecting in the sun. Lasers can too.

Ability to craft a shutter for optics to reduce reflecting in the sun and revealing your position

Civil laser pointers to be used separately or as clumsy crafted weapon attachment.

Introduce cutting weapon sharpening tools

4.15. Clothes

Hoodies’ hoods can be put on head or put out to the back

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Rain or swimming makes clothes wet

Safety and protective clothes

Clothes can be hanged on different objects - on poles, on mannequins, scarecrows, in wardrobes etc. (at least as a loot spot alternative for interiors)

Capes, ghillies and coats CAN be worn over jackets and other tops. Needs separate slot. As well as shirts can be worn over tshirts, and above those two you can wear a jacket. Authenticity and combined effects.

Extend special wearable gear items attributes

Rain drops sometimes get into eyes causing minor blurred vision. Requires protective stuff to remove effect.

Magazine Dump Pouch for easy collecting used mags

Headgear which covers ears decreases the ambient sounds and increases player physical sounds like breathing.

Introduce holiday, roleplay and traditional clothes, masks and items

WARNING: Abuse probability and immersion breaking behaviour is bound to follow follow. These items must be extremely rare and be looted only on proper holidays (santa outfit only in Christmas etc.). It must not be very common and easy to find.

Please, don’t ignore the extremely common Russian rural and uniform clothing.

Very rare chance to find knight armor and helmet - useless in combat, heavy and inconvenient, but badass and spooky (with proper clinging sounds) for roleplay and fun

4.16. Items and crafting

Introduce quick crafting and quality crafting. Add QUALITY attribute to items.

Expand the starting player gear with sometimes useless but immersive and authentic personal items like suggested for zombies.

Ability to cook in an empty can without mess tin. Add more cooking pots and less mess tins.

Wood can be gathered not only from forest or trees, but from furniture, fences etc.

Swiss multitool knife

4.16.1. Backpack extensions

Backpacks have two states: compact (empty\folded) and unfolded.

Backpacks have straps on them and a backpack can be hung on a tree or other suitable object (fence, pole, wardrobe in the houses)

Backpacks degrade too. Require repair with some cloth\leather patches, needle and threads.

Backpacks can be identified visually as empty, half full and packed full. Just two additional models, but in terms of gameplay it is priceless. You can easily tell how much loot someone carries. May be it can prevent bandins from sniping the “empty backpacks”.

Long weapons in backpack must be visible sticking out of backpack top

More interesting trap constructions (example)

Add guitar and other simple music instruments (harmonica, banjo, flute) with AT LEAST predefined tunes.

Add a simple ability to knock\tap\drum on any surface and produce sounds.

Craft coloured banner - ability to wave it or attach to vehicle or carry in hands. Place on buildings. Requires cloth and pole\stick.

Flashlight extension - ability to “tap” switch to be able to morze code.

Backpacks have a few (3-5?) red overload slots. Backpacks degrade more faster if overloaded + random critical chance to fall apart instantly dropping yer lewt all over :)

Portable metal detectors.

Chernarus is probably a country which in some way suffered WW2. Thus it can have old battlefields, that are buried under the layer of modern life. There are cases when people just go with metal detectors and find historical artefacts, like old medals, gear, helmets and weapons.

In any way there are a lot of metal items buried and lost in the ground. Mostly metal junk, but sometimes useful.

Plastic bags, manually crafted thread\wool\leather bags, containers for food, medicine, boxes and wraps for better systematizing your items in inventory.

Big and small barrels for liquids storage. (example)

  1. Get to a pond
  2. Collect a barrel of water
  3. Dysinfect it
  4. Transport on car to clan camp site
  5. Provides good temporary water source for a group.

Over the neck\shoulder bags that can be carried with backpack at expense of fatigue

Simple whistle on the neck. With ability to audibly whistle.

Ability to quickly (one key press or combination) drop your current backpack while moving to gain speed in critical situation.

Anyone can access your inventory, backpack (only from behind), pockets

4.16.2. Map authenticity extensions

Accessing map or inventory makes subtle noise that can reveal you to the nearby players.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Money. NOT AN INGAME MMO CURRENCY! Just useless trash loot found in bodies and vehicles, safes, houses, banks. Roubles, dollars, euro.

Craft shotgun ammo. Not very difficult. 25% chance of misfire.

Common wearable golden\silver items: wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, piercing items for character customization and roleplay

Spike strip (found in police stations and military outposts)

Parachute as a separate item: steerable and simple parachutes.

[implemented in DayZ Standalone] Car medkits and paramedic medkits with appropriate contents in them. Just a container with authentic items. Can be used to store other items or create traps.

Cards, chess, checkers etc. mini game items to play around at campfire with buddies.

Chest flashlight and pocket flashlight with clip and with separate slot.

Manually chargable flashlights (hand charged)

Ability to acquire campfire wood at wood piles near rural houses around Chernarus

You can wear headtorch over any suitable hat (beanie, ushanka, builder helmet etc.)

Thermos flask!

4.16.3. Trash\Garbage bins and piles extensions

Ability to physically destroy or break any destructible item.

Ability to craft additional slots on clothes\backpacks - additional pockets are crafted if you have a piece of suitable cloth, needle and threads.

Portable ladders. Wooden craftable ladders. Craftable and factory rope ladders

Factory weapon bags\dust covers as well as improvised craftable ones (simple cloth wrap) to protect your weapon from degrading.

Sunglasses and tactical glasses prevent blinding by flashbangs and headlights but degrade color

More tents (color varieties) and their functioning.

Every clothes item can be DEcrafted into raw materials like colored cloths used for imrpovised bandaging, crafting pockets or other suitable items

Amplified megaphones to shout at longer ranges

Mess tin\cauldron can be used by group as a shared source for food.

Craft wooden boxes and containers to collect categorized sets of items for transportation and easier storage.

Introduce static human shape targets and paper circle targets for ingame accuracy and shooting training.

Firewood can be gathered from the ground fallen branches without hatchet and knife. Takes more time to gather.


Fake dummy, portable scarecrow, crafted hat\helmet on a stick

Ability to craft a mirror on a knife or stick to be able to look safely round the obstacles.

Portable mp3 player

Earplugs and industrial protective headphones for hearing protection when shooting big caliber or machineguns

Rare or antique items - weapons, clocks, coins, jewelry, armor etc. e.g. found in museums; golden zippo or parker pens, cigarette cases, Vertu phones :)

Ability to fill any bottle\canteen with any liquid.

Craft “indian candle”.

Other light sources

Digital photo camera

Simple fireworks for fun, ambushes and signalling tripwires. Zombies troubled by them too and investigate.

GPS should not be a cheating device. No HUD\overlay markers from ArmA2 shall exist. Only markers on the GPS device display.

4.17. Medicine

Blood types [implemented in DayZ Standalone]:

Bandages ARE VISIBLE on body. You can always see injured players.

Bandages get bloody when applied to big wounds.

Bandages get visually dirty and degrade over time. If not replaced before wound heals - can cause infection or restart bloodloss.

Thermometer - for precise temperature measurements.

Simple surgical\doctor gloves

Surgical mask

Untreated minor wounds soon become infected

Craft simple bandages out of any appropriate clothing or window sheet.

Craft simple tourniquet from rope, weapon sling etc.

Other parasites

Syringes that can be filled with

Crutch and improvized crutch, that allow walking with severe fractures.

4.18. Inventory and controls

Ability to do any reasonable items manipulations and weapon actions while moving.

Introduce “VIEW item” action in inventory. Only using it you can read the label of the item (attributes etc.) and it opens up a bigger window with big model that can be rotated and examined. In inventory slot you dont have item labels.

Quick access bar (hotbar) is very bright at night. there must be some way to tweak it more transparent or react to surrounding light sources.

Ability to open doors slowly\carefully, silently and partially.

Extend Q\E rolls while prone.

More emotes, more social animations.

4.18.1. Fire and light ideas

Other fuel for fire

Very interesting idea of being able to throw almost any reasonably small object as we do throw bottles and trash in the mod, to distract zombies or players.

Limit the ability to use 3rd person view to “cheat peek” above the obstacles or corner them.

Complex or precise actions can have “mini-game” style implementation

Map cannot be seen in the dark without nearby light sources or without activating a flashlight.

All backpack items not stored in plastic bag are damaged by water.

Player can carry more than maximum weight, but have chance to stumble and fall when running, need more water and develop fractures\fatigue more often.

Most binoculars\rangefinders have straps to be worn on neck. Introduce NECK slot for wearable items. Gives quick access to item on neck.

At least some basic obstacle passing controls and animations (example)

4.19. Zombies

Ability\chance to knock out a weapon from players hands.

Ability\chance to knock a player down.

Some zombies grab player without damage when very close and reduce their movement - unable to run. Rare chance.

Some stronger hungry zombies can perform a leap to catch you. Quick approach and fast attack.

You can find filthy, bloody clothes in zombies gear.

Zombies investigate dead bodies and eat them.

Zombies attracted by bloody clothes or deliberately bloodied items, e.g. with a blood bag.

At night zombies less active andagressive can get blinded for a few seconds (accompanied by violent screams of agony and suitable animations) by a flashlight or headlights but then get very mad and berserk.

More versatile loot in zombies and among player’s starting gear.

4.20. Animals

“Hunter skill”. When you run around the forests the wildlife is hearing you from very far away and you can’t hunt anything without being stealthy.

Ability to milk cow etc.

Random bee hives in forests. Produce honey. Sometimes you get stung.

Mosquitoes that transfer Malaria.

Huntable birds in the woods

Domestic geese

Birds randomly flock in the trees and are scared off when players approach or shooting nearby

Cockroaches in dirty garbaged areas

5. List of contributors

  1. Алексей
  2. Анатолий
  3. Илья
  4. Кент
  5. Руслан
  6. Сергей Игоревич
  7. -=KILLER=-
  8. a1expit
  9. AfterLife
  10. AksakaL
  11. aleks-co
  12. Allenatore
  13. ANIX
  14. Arkados
  15. Avangard602
  16. Bad Wolf
  17. BlackMarket
  18. Black_plan
  19. blag
  20. Blind
  21. boxxy*
  22. butcher
  23. Che
  24. comak
  25. Corpse
  26. Crendel
  27. Croaton
  28. death220
  29. Denis
  30. Diseyr
  31. Deonor
  32. Derpy
  33. Dmitro_S
  34. Doctor Fikus
  35. Dolfik
  36. enemy
  37. Fant0m
  38. FastFaend
  39. foggyfox
  40. Footballer
  41. FreeMoney
  42. GhostPal
  43. Gnumoder
  44. Gralded
  45. grey
  46. Grobman
  47. heaven66
  48. HopDukc
  49. huzik
  50. lightsinmyhead
  51. IIPU3PAK
  52. Image
  53. Just_Alexus
  54. Lukin
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