Activity Category: Reading

Generic AT Feature: Colored paper, overlay filters and tracking aids

Demonstration:  Click here to view my demonstration video of the tools below


Specific Products (2)


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Description from website:

As well as being a great general purpose screen dimmer, Visor's overlays and point of focus feature may be assistive to users with visual perceptual difficulties such as Dyslexia, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and Visual Stress.

Screen Mask

(Read Write Toolbar)

My description of screen mask:

The Screen Masking mimics the use of an index card to help a student with tracking his/her reading area.  The focus area is lightened while while darkening the rest. The strip follows the arrow/cursor, so it’s easy for students to move using a trackpad or mouse.

Vendor  Information

Created by an individual called “Nverba”.   Visor appears to be the personal project from a single user. It is free with no stipulations

Texthelp is a company that offers a number of products to help with education and accessibility. The Screen Mask tool is part of the Read Write Toolbar suite of tools.  There is a subscription fee for student use.

Task Demands (Functional Capability) augmented /replaced

Both visor and screen mask allow the user to restrict the visual field on the screen to the desired point of focus.  This allows for greater opportunities for comprehension by reducing peripheral distraction for the student.

Environment Match - How would the product potentially fit the School Context?

- Physical Context

This is a low profile extension that is only visible if somebody were to look at the screen of the student using it. This only works on either a desktop computer, laptop or a chromebook.

This is a low profile extension that is only visible if somebody were to look at the screen of the student using it. Because this tool is part of a suite of tools, anywhere the suite can be used so can screen mask be used. Whose option is available in app form and for use on desktops, laptops.

- Sociocultural Context

Visor is more customizable and can generate different colors of overlay. This could draw the attention of other students and potentially develop a stigma response

To use screen mask one must also be using the read write toolbar from text help. Both screen mask and the toolbar are viewable if somebody were to look at the screen of the student.  Scream mask does not offer any color variations however you can choose the saturation of the dark gray.

- Institutional Context



This extension can be pushed out on a domain level, for any google apps for education district. Also individual users can use the extension as well.

Because this tool is based on a suite of tools anywhere the suite is used this can be used. it does not have to be a google apps for education district , the suite exists independently and works in a variety of settings

Person Match - How would the product potentially match a student user?

Adjustability for growth, support, and comfort:

Divisor extension can be customized according to user preference, the viewable area can be increased or decreased, as the color overlay can be altered to one that is preferred by the student.

Screen mask is a little bit more limited, the viewable area can be increased and decreased but there is no color option for the overlay at the moment, the only option that I find available is a dark gray that can be varied in saturation.