EPICS V4 Working Group Weekly Telecon, 14 April 2015


  1. Face-to-face meeting at FRIB
  2. Status of preparations for V4 Training at FRIB
  3. ...


Present: AJ, GW, RL, GS

Scribe: AJ

Face-to-face meeting at FRIB

GW: Probably can’t be at FRIB with just coming back from Lund.

AJ: Should start considering how to merge V4 code into Base.

GW: I will have the Normative Types draft by that date, I have to add the decision about the multichannel stuff that Marty already worked on. That will complete the NT doc and match Marty’s plan for NTCPP.

AJ: Should have the pvRequest stuff done.

RL: We had planned for another release before then.

GW: Would like a faster release process.

RL: Now it’s too late for a release by following the full procedure.

AJ: Is there more code to be released?

GW: Unified pvget/eget tool

RL: Bug-fixes for SNS, and a version of pvaSrv working on Base 3.15.

GW: Michael implemented changes for locksets needed for dbGroup

RL: In 3.16, and it’ll be about a year.

GW: Could these go into 3.15?

AJ: No.

RL: But it’s just a question of numbers. Hoping 3.16 will be production quality this year and can go into the next Codac Core System.

GW: Some people think V4 is dbGroup.

RL: For ITER the grouping is not a selling point, structures is the main selling point. By the time people starting thinking about it it’ll be there (3 years). I’m selling V4 for pulse configuration transport, a complex hierarchical structure from XML.

GW: You’re using it to get complex data into an IOC, I was thinking in terms of getting complex data out. That’s what Physicists ask me about.

GS: Structures more interesting for our unit conversion case for example. Don’t care about dbGroup for this.

AJ: Other topics for FRIB?

GW: Discussion document about how dbGroup will work.

GW: Spec for pvRequest,

AJ: Frustrating not getting response to my emails from Larry Hoff

GS: Try Eric Berryman, might get quicker response.

AJ: Next meeting? I can’t make next week (21st), Marty and Matej are meeting at BNL the following week, so probably May 5th.