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Classroom Announcements

~ Welcome to our student teacher Miss. Janes (Miss J).  She will be with students until the end  of October.  

~  During the next few weeks, students will be signing up for Google Classroom in health.  They will have access to their classroom both at school and at home.  There will be announcements, class assignments, web sites, project directions and study sheets posted to their google classroom.  Feel free to check in        

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Classes Taught

 Grade 5 Health

 Grade 6 Health

Grade 3 and 4 Physical Education

Classroom Rules & Procedures - Health                Classroom Rules & Procedures - PE        

Respectful:  eyes and ears on the speaker                        Respectful:  Follows directions

                    Polite interactions with others                                        Polite interaction

                    Uses an inside voice                                                 Good sportsmanship

Responsible: Follows directions                                Responsible:  Be prepared - dress properly

                      Quietly raises hand for help                                           Stop at the whistle

                      Takes care of classroom materials                                    Use equipment properly


Safe:  Walks in classroom and hallways                        Safe:  Follows the rules of the gym/activity

           Respects personal space                                          Use equipment safely

           Practices good hygene                                          Hands and feet to yourself

           Cleans up their area

Pencil or pen, computer and agendas should be                 Any medical notes should be given to the nurse and/or

Brought to class each week                                        P.E. Teacher at the start of class



Grade 6 - Identity Collage.  Due next week during health class

Grade 5 - no homework


All PE classes:  see if you can do a plank and hold it for a whole commercial…. Or have a contest with your mom or dad to see who can stay up the longest.

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