Year 3 Newsletter Term 1 2015

Welcome to Year 3 and a special word of welcome to those families who are new to Elm Park School. This will be a busy and exciting term so keep an eye out for details on the activities and learning experiences in the newsletters.  Please remember that we see every child as important so  please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the Year 3 Team Leader in Room 17 (Mrs Rist) with any queries or concerns.

The Year 3 Team

Mrs Michelle Lennon Room 15

Ms Cherie Boucher Room 16

Mrs Debbie Rist Room 17 (Year 3 Team Leader)

Ms Jessica Van Dort Room 18

Our Learning:              

Bookbags, Readers and Library Books

Every student should have a bookbag. Please ensure these are at school on a daily basis. NO BOOKBAG MEANS NO READER/LIBRARY BOOK TO TAKE HOME. Please take care of our books and do not let younger siblings scribble on or damage these.  

Important dates for this term: 

  • 6 February - Waitangi Day
  • 5 February - Soccer Skills
  • 18 February - 6pm Parent Orientation Evening
  • 18 February - 7pm BYOD meeting for Rooms 15 & 16
  • 16 and 20 March - Te Tuhi
  • 22 March - EPS Gala
  • 26 March - 3-way Conferences
  • 2 April - Term Ends

Learning at Home:

Please take the time to read to or with your child on a daily basis.  Reread the readers with your child, read from the library books or read a book from your own collection.  Make it a regular and fun time. Homework will come home on a Friday and it is expected that the students take time each night to read and to practice their spelling and basic facts..  Please ensure that the spelling, basic facts and times tables are practiced daily.  These skills support our Writing, Reading and Maths programmes.


All students are to wear the correct uniform items  every day.  Those who are not in  the  correct school uniform will need a note from home to inform the  class teacher about the reason.  Please remember that shoes should be only black and suitable  to run and play in. HATS are compulsory in Term 1.  NO HAT, NO PLAY!  School hats are available for purchase at our uniform shop.


With the beautiful hot weather recently the Year 3 students can look forward to three sessions a week in the swimming pool.  Swimming is part of the PE programme this term and therefore each child is expected to participate. Please provide a note to the teacher if your child is not able to swim on any particular day. It is a good idea to bring named togs and towel in a plastic bag.

Room 15 - Monday 10.00, Wednesday 9.30, Friday 2.00

Room 16 - Monday 9.00, Tuesday 9.00, Friday 12.00

Room 17 - Monday 9.30, Wednesday 9.00, Thursday 10.00

Room 18 - Tuesday 10.00, Thursday 9.00, Friday 2.00

BYOD Meeting

Following the Parent Information Evening on 18 February, there will be an information session about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  At Elm Park School this year, five classes will be trialling this option:  Rooms 15, 16, 22, 28 and 29.  Later this year students in these classes will be offered the choice to bring along a specified laptop to school later in the year.  Parents of students in these classes are invited to meet in the Auditorium at 7.00pm, where we will outline what the trial will involve and the requirements for participating.  Please note that BYOD is only an option and it is not an expectation that any parents purchase the specified device unless they choose to.  All students will continue to have access to school-owned ICT equipment whether or not they are in a BYOD trial class.