Try to announce meetups a month or so in advance.

Announcing a meetup:

  1. Create mailing list thread, and reply to it later as you complete the other steps
  2. Create Xing event, link to mailing list thread
  1. Recommend the event on Xing (share)
  1. Manage the Google+ page for Bonn Agile Organizers
  1. Create event, copy in details from Xing
  2. Share Public AND to Google+ Bonn Agile Community page
  1. Tweet link to Xing with short description
  2. [the above are the obligatory steps, proceed if you have some free time to use up]
  3. Post on - add to
  4. Post on (Aktivitäten -> Erstellen -> Gruppe Bonn)

After Meetup:

  1. Write a Blog-post summary, include how many were there, pictures (from Google+, etc)


Optional: Lanyard

Start at the event series page:

* Click "Add new event in this series"

* Fill in form (maybe check previous events for consistency) and submit

* Click "Edit details", then add information under "Dates & Times", "Venues", "Speakers", save changes

* Click "Claim this event"

* optionally add co-organizers via "Edit staff"

TODO: Automate some of the above?

Try to cover our main channels with the same information:

        Mailing list (default main channel)

        Xing (main channel, if event)




        Google+ Community (for discussion)

        Google+ Page (a “personality” representing the Bonn Agile moderators)

                - also reachable through

Include mention of the next meetup (when, where, what) in any communication, if appropriate.

Always link to Xing event when mentioning future event.

Use Xing as the main information source for events.

Avoid Xing for any other information - but for very important messages, Group messages can be used. Be careful, because people quickly get annoyed at this.

Try to include cross-links to the other information channels. It could be people who discover us on Twitter would rather follow us on Google+, etc.

If linking to the mailing list or blog, link to respective thread in Google Groups or blog-post.

For permanent secondary information (like this document), use the Google Site.

How should I sign emails and announcements?

Example signature with cross-links (text-version):


=== Bonn Agile Meetup ===

- Discuss:

- Twitter:

- Softwerkskammer:

- Hashtag: #bonnagile

- Homepage:

- Xing:

(not used anymore: Google Plus:


Checklist for adding/removing people from Bonn Agile Moderators

See also

  1. Gather all the email addresses

  1. Xing organizers
  1. Google Sites access
  1. Mailing list admins
  1. Blog contributors
  1. Share @bonnagile twitter password
  2. Google+ Bonn Agile Moderators page
  1. (No need to do Google+ Community, as the above account is used for all actions there)