Beginning Google Apps

Presenter Dan Rott,

Signing Into Google Drive:

  1. Sign in to your Google Apps account (go to for TTSD staff accounts, also linked on employee portal).
  1. Login information is your email account name and password
  1. You should be directed to Google Drive but it can also be accessed by going to in your web-browser and by clicking on the 9 box icon in the top right corner.

Creating a Google Document:

  1. Click the create button and select Documents from the drop down list.
  2. Your document will open in a new tab of your web browser.
  3. Name your document by clicking Untitled Document (this makes it easy to find the document later); the document can be renamed or edited later by clicking on the title.
  4. Share the document by clicking on the Share button.
  1. Add members to the document by typing in their Google emails; separate individuals with a comma.
  2. You can change the level of editability (view, comment, full edit) for each person.
  1. Create/edit your document as necessary.
  2. Formatting options are found the format tool menu, insert allows you to insert items (pictures, drawings, etc) and the table menu allows you to insert a table (unfortunately tables can not be merged as in Word).
  3. Images can be moved by clicking on the desired image and selecting the Wrap text option; this will wrap text around the image but allow you to move the image to its desired location.
  4. Tables can be added to the document by clicking table, insert table, and then selecting your desired size.  Unfortunately, portions of tables can not be merged like in Microsoft Word.

  1. No need to save, the document will be saved automatically.

  1. You can change the location of the file within the document simply by clicking File and Move to folder.

  1. When done editing the document, simply close the tab.

Converting a Word to Google Document:

  1. In Google Drive, click the Settings button in order to view the conversion settings.

  1. You will be provided a number of options: Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format; Convert text from uploaded PDF and image files; and Confirm settings before each upload.  It is possible to upload Word, Excel, Powerpoint files, etc. and keep the files in their format simply by unclicking the conversion option.  

  1. To convert a Google Document to a Word Document, click the Red Up Arrow next to Create.  To have Google convert the Microsoft/Apple document format to Google, ensure Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format has been selected as shown in previous step.

  1. Select the file(s) or folder you wish to upload and click Open.  After uploading and formatting, the document will appear in the current folder in Google Drive.

Google Presentations:

  1. Click the create button and select Presentation from the drop down list.
  2. Your presentation will open in a new tab.
  3. Select or import a theme for your presentation.
  4. Name your document by clicking Untitled Document (this makes it easy to find the document later); the document can be renamed or edited later by clicking on the title.

  1. Add slides to your presentation by clicking the + box; you may select different slide layouts by clicking the down arrow.  New slides added automatically have a slide title and large space for text.

  1. Text boxes are automatically added to each slide; you can add more by clicking on “Insert” then select text box.  You may also delete unwanted text boxes by clicking them then clicking delete.
  2. The presentation can be viewed at anytime by clicking Start Presentation.
  3. By clicking on text boxes to add text, the same text formatting options in Google Documents will also become available.
  4. Images, videos, lines, shapes, word art, and tables can also be added to a slide by clicking Insert.

  1. Text boxes, pictures, or videos can be animated(i.e. appear) by clicking Transition.  A new box on the right side of the screen will open that will allow you to animate the slide page.  To animate an object on the slide after clicking Transition click on the object on the slide.

  1. The presentation theme, design, background, etc can be changed by clicking on Slide in the tool menu.

  1. The presentation can be published or embedded like Google Documents by clicking File in the toolbar menu, then clicking Publish to the Web which, once authorized, will allow you to link or embed the presentation as well as modify some presentation settings.Screenshot 2014-06-20 18.50.36.png

  1. The presentation will save automatically.

Publish a Google Document/Presentation:

  1. After creating the document or presentation, click File and Publish to the web.
  2. A pop up box will ask confirmation to publish the file to the web; in nearly all situations, you will want to keep the default setting of having the document automatically updated.  This will allow any changes you make to the document to be automatically changed on the published document.
  3. A second pop up box will contain the necessary URL address for the published document, code to embed the page in a website or blog, option to stop publishing the page, and social media sharing options.  The URL address can be linked on a website, blog, or emailed to another individual.